'************************************** ' Name: Negative Color Formula - "One li ' ners" ' Description:Simple formula to get the ' negative of a color. You can just negati ' ve digit (add minus to the number), but ' this shows it in native steps to a unit, ' so say your using a temporary spectrum s ' ame color count but on a different start ' ing scale, in relation to another non eq ' ual color count and spectrum of start, t ' hen portions of the break between math i ' n the formula relate to an equality in y ' our unit or percentage of unit sizes can ' be extracted via the native way to under ' stand it. It's not just a negative verse ' s positive number, as it is a color valu ' e, and negatives are non zero literally ' not a unit. This example is shown in 24b ' it (or 32bit) color depth and can be eas ' ily used for other bit depths by changin ' g both of the 16777216 value's to the to ' tal number of colors in the spectrum. ' By: Nicholas Forystek ' ' ' Inputs:None ' ' Returns:None ' 'Assumes:None ' 'Side Effects:None '************************************** Public Function Negative24bitColor(ByVal clr As Long) As Long Negative24bitColor = (-clr + -16777216) + 16777216 End Function