//************************************** //INCLUDE files for :string to integer to double //************************************** #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> //************************************** // Name: string to integer to double // Description:Converts a numeric string to integer and then to double. Demonstrates the use of atoi() and atof(). // By: Tom Gerhard (from psc cd) // // // Inputs:None // // Returns:None // //Assumes:Basic but nifty beginner stuff. Hope it is useful to someone. Please vote!! // //Side Effects:None //************************************** #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> int main() { char word[80]; puts("\nEnter an integer string: "); gets(word); /* atoi() : converts its argument, a series of numbers used * as a string, in to an integer value and returns it. The * statement after the conversion statement shows how unsigned * long i has been converted and can now be used. */ unsigned long i = atoi(word); printf("\nThe string '%s' converted to integer is %u.\n", word, i); printf("The converted string squared is %u.\n", i * i); /* atol(): converts its string argument to a double value. The * statement following the conversion shows how it can be used. */ double f = atol(word); printf("\nThe string '%s' converted to double is %.2f.\n", word, f); printf("The converted string divided by 3 is %.3f.\n\n", f / 3); /* play and enjoy! */ system("PAUSE"); return 0; }