//************************************** //INCLUDE files for :NEW UPDATE: Telnet Server (Remote Administration), Powerful & Multithreaded (V 3.10) //************************************** Runs on Windows XP/98/ME (tested), all others probably work. ********************************** NEW ADDED FOR VERSION 3.0: <br> DISCO -Disconnects internet connection. (dialup) HIDETB -Hides the taskbar. SHOWTB -Shows the taskbar. HIDEDT -Hides the desktop. SHOWDT -Shows the desktop. HIDECAD -Disables the Ctrl + Alt + Del Sequence (Windows 95/98/ME only) SHOWCAD -Enables the Ctrl + Alt + Del Sequence OPENCD -Opens CD Drive. CLOSECD -Closes CD Drive. ************************************* NEW IN VERSION 3.10: Telnet proxy redone to use less memory and run faster (winsock noblocking mode instead of threads) PING command added, allows ping of remote computer (from server). NSLOOKUP added, does query on hostname and returns IP. Authentication addded. Stored password in registry (set with PASS command). If enabled, will require password to access.