'************************************** ' Name: A ListView With Headers Example ' Description:This Code will Show you ho ' w to use list Headers ' By: Christopher Hemple (from psc cd) ' ' ' Inputs:None ' ' Returns:None ' 'Assumes:U Will need 3 command buttons w ' ith the default names, and 1 listview wi ' th the default name. Put these captions for the Command Buttons Command1 = Add Command2 = Delete Command3 = Exit ' 'Side Effects:None '************************************** Private Sub Command1_Click() 'Inputbox Code Dim name 'Remember name Dim age 'Remember age Dim dob 'remember dob name = InputBox("What is the persons name ?", "Name ?") 'Show a inputbox for the persons name age = InputBox("What is the personsage ?", "Age ?") 'Show a inputbox for the persons age dob = InputBox("What is the persons Date Of Birth ?", "Date Of Birth ?") 'Show a inputbox for the persons Date Of Birth 'End Of Inputbox Code 'Adding To List Code Dim ListObj As ListItem 'Set listObj as a listitem Set ListObj = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , name) 'this allways adds to the 1st column , this lines adds the name to the 1st Column ListObj.SubItems(1) = age 'this allways adds to the second column , this lines adds the age to the 2nd Column ListObj.SubItems(2) = dob 'this allways adds to the third column , this lines adds the dob to theb 3rd Column 'End Of Adding To List Code End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() On Error Resume Next 'If Theres a error resume the next line ( the error here would be nothing in the listview or no selected item ) ListView1.ListItems.Remove ListView1.SelectedItem.Index 'Delete The Selected Item End Sub Private Sub Command3_Click() Unload Me 'Exits The Program End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() 'This Code is needed ListView1.View = lvwReport 'Set The Listview1 View So we Can See Our Columns/Headers ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "Name" 'Add a column Called Name ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "Age" 'Add a column Called Age ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add , , "Date Of Birth" 'Add a column Called Age 'End Of Needed Code End Sub Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer) 'My Code If MsgBox("If This Code Helped You Please Come Back and Either Vote Or Comment,:). Would You Like To Vote Or Comment Now?", vbYesNo, "Thankx For Using My Code") = vbYes Then GoTo open_url Exit Sub open_url: MsgBox "I have Copyed The Url To The clipboard", vbInformation, "Url" Clipboard.SetText "http://www.pscode.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=36543&lngWId=1" End Sub Private Sub ListView1_DblClick() On Error Resume Next ' resume The Next line On a Error MsgBox "Name : " + ListView1.SelectedItem.Text + vbCrLf + "Age : " + ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(1) + vbCrLf + "Dob : " + ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(2) 'Make The Msgbox End Sub