//************************************** // Name: Days of the Week in PHP // Description:In this article I would like to give you a sample program that will ask the user to give the year, month and day and then our program will determine what is the day in that given date using PHP. The code is very simple and easy to understand. Add me at Facebook my address is jakerpomperada@gmail.com and jakerpomperada@yahoo.com. My mobile number here in the Philippines is 09173084360. // By: Jake R. Pomperada // // // Inputs:None // // Returns:None // //Assumes:None // //Side Effects:None //************************************** <html> <title>Days of the Week in PHP</title> <style> body { font-family: arial; font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; }; </style> <body> <?php error_reporting(0); $input_A = $_POST['inputYear']; $input_B = $_POST['inputMonth']; $input_C = $_POST['inputDay']; if(isset($_POST['ClearButton'])){ $input_A=""; $input_B=""; $input_C=""; $display_result=""; } ?> <br> <h2>Days of the Week in PHP</h2> <form action="" method="post"> What is the year? <input type="text" name="inputYear" value="<?php echo $input_A; ?>" size="5" autofocus required/> <br><br> What is the month? <input type="text" name="inputMonth" value="<?php echo $input_B; ?>" size="5" required/> <br><br> What is the day? <input type="text" name="inputDay" value="<?php echo $input_C; ?>" size="5" required/> <br><br> <input type="submit" name="SubmitButton" value="Ok"/> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <input type="submit" name="ClearButton" value="Clear"/> </form> <?php function dateName($date) { $result = ""; $convert_date = strtotime($date); $month = date('F',$convert_date); $year = date('Y',$convert_date); $name_day = date('l',$convert_date); $day = date('j',$convert_date); $result = $name_day; return $result; } if(isset($_POST['SubmitButton'])){ $dateValue = $input_A.$input_B.$input_C; $day1 = dateName($dateValue); echo "<br>"; $display_result = "The day is ".$day1."."; echo $display_result; echo "<br>"; } ?> </body> </html>