'************************************** ' Name: !!!*!Make a cool EASY Lotto Game ' !*!!! ' Description:MAKE AN EASY LOTTO GAME!!! ' ***UPDATED*** ' By: SeeD (from psc cd) ' ' ' Inputs:You're going to need 3 Labels t ' o start. You can add more once you get t ' he hang of it. You also need 1 Command b ' utton. Make it's caption "OK", and the L ' abels captions blank. Follow the simple ' instructions below. ' ' Returns:none ' 'Assumes:You can alter this code to your ' convienience. Here are some nifty things ' you could change: You could use text boxes instead of labels. You would have to change every "Label1.Caption" to "Text1.Text" and so on. You can add as many more text boxes or labels as you'd like, as long as you adjust the code accrodingly. If your smart enough, you could make it a simple password entry screen, but you'd have to do some easy error handling and you'd have to use text boxes instead of labels. If your smart enough, you could make a simple lotto game to share with your friends and family. - SeeD (o: ' 'Side Effects:none '************************************** Private Sub Command1_Click() Label1.Caption = Int(rnd * 10) Label2.Caption = Int(rnd * 10) Label3.Caption = Int(rnd * 10) If (Label1.Caption = Label2.Caption) And (Label3.Caption = Label2.Caption) Then MsgBox "You Win!", 8, "Winner!" End If End Sub