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Summary Generator (demonstrates cool algorithm)

Submitted on: 7/9/2000 3:28:24 AM
By: James Vincent Carnicelli  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 14 Users
Compatibility: VB 3.0, VB 4.0 (16-bit), VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0, VB Script, ASP (Active Server Pages)
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     Here's an easy-to-use utility that can take a chunk of plain text and generate a summary with up to a number of words you specify (e.g., 1000).

This code demonstrates an exceedingly cool algorithm I recently read about that basically works like this. Count all the occurrances of each word in the text. Score each sentence based mainly on how many of the most frequent words are in it (with a few other biases and ignoring dull words like "the"). Pick enough of the highest scoring sentences to meet the maximum word limit for the summary. Assemble these sentences into a summary.

Unbelievably simple, in theory. Not bad in practice, despite the fact that the engine doesn't really "understand" what it's summarizing. All it's doing is picking out the most "representative" sentences.

Included with this demo is an article from Seasoned Cooking magazine ( Try setting the maximum number of words to 100, 200, 300, and so on and see what you get. You can paste any text in you want. Be sure, though, that you help the engine out by putting one or more blank lines between any paragraphs, bullet points, etc.

Also, be aware that all periods are assumed to be end-of-sentence markers, even in abbreviations like "i.e.". This and a few other limitations make this algorithm imperfect, but still very illustrative of one kind of linguistic analysis engine.

I suspect this sort of code is unique on Planet Source Code, so I welcome and encourage your comments. Your vote is also appreciated.

Recent Updates:
8 November 2000: Engine improvement
- Added a list of "hot words" to bias in favor of sentences with words like "key" and "important"
9 July 2000: Engine improvements
- Ignores words with few characters
- Ignores topmost frequent words
- Ignores lower half of infrequent words
- Better bias towards beginning and end paragraphs

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Other User Comments

7/9/2000 4:03:22 AMUlli

Add two more words to the WordsToIgnoreList: (for & on) and see what happens. I don't usually believe in miracles but this makes me think...

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7/9/2000 4:22:52 AMUlli

Forgot to say: try the minimum size summary then - 43 words
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7/9/2000 8:10:51 AMUlli

Jim - I've been experimenting a bit: try ignoring short words < 5 chars and short sentences < 10 words. That'll get rid of the ShouldIgnore words and excludes short sentences which do not convey much information
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7/9/2000 10:24:05 AMJames Vincent Carnicelli

Ulli: I've followed your suggestions, except for the short sentence one. I've also added a number of improvements. The algorithm that inspired this one assumes that the most frequent words are actually not important. It assumes a bell curve of "importance" for words where the peak is somewhere around, say, the 30% most frequently-occurring word. I implemented this notion. Works better, now.
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7/9/2000 1:01:11 PMdEmOnIc

Nicely done.
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7/10/2000 2:54:00 AMARRiVE

I have problems with Html files. Otherwise, Great Job!
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7/10/2000 12:22:30 PMChance

i cant get it to load, what am i doing wrong ?
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7/12/2000 1:44:25 PMDetonate

AAAARRRGHHHH!!! Why did you not release this code a few years ago before I graduated school!?!? do you have no concern for my grades? *grin*
excellent job :-)

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7/12/2000 3:09:06 PMJames Vincent Carnicelli

The obvious answer is: it's just a part of a vast conspiracy against your general well-being. :-)
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8/15/2001 3:47:57 PMRhett Micheletti


A very different piece of work, and it's actually quite useful for certain purposes.

Thank you for sharing your hard work,
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7/17/2004 11:38:11 AMMike Bironneau

In sub SortWordsByOccurance(), an error gets returned if there are less than x words to summarize.
Apart from that, great code.
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2/8/2005 1:23:40 PMGrayMagiker

I like it. Thank you very much for sharing this with everyone. Five Stars from me, it is a shame I can only vote once for this great code.
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2/9/2005 12:26:22 PMJames Vincent Carnicelli

Someone asked me "What is the name of the 'exceedingly cool algorithm?' I would like to read more about it." I responded, in part:

The book is called “Advances in Text Summarization”, and can be found at:



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2/9/2005 12:26:56 PMJames Vincent Carnicelli

I had found the book in a local Barnes and Noble. A few years later, I did actually buy a copy of the book to aid me on a much more sophisticated project that involved text analysis, but gave it to one of my developers. If you want to learn more about the subject, this book is pretty good. It’s an aggregate of what the editors thought were representative of the train of growth over the prior several decades. As such, it’s not very linear, and the reader is prompted to read many other documents and books cited. And most of the articles included assume you are immersed in the subject, so it’s pretty jargon-heavy.

Continued ...
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2/9/2005 12:27:20 PMJames Vincent Carnicelli

Here’s my take on the book and the subject. The very first article cited, written sometime back in the 50s or 60s, really sets the stage for all the others. And if your goal is to do something simplistic like I did and Microsoft (MS Word) and others have, that first article is probably good enough. Many of the others focus on sharpening the basic algorithm you see in my code by careful statistical surveys. There is a later section that introduces the concept of “corpus-based summarization”, which is a fancy way of saying, “adding knowledge to a system about one or more particular domains of experience.” If you want a general-purpose summarizer, this is mainly a cool distraction.

(End of message)
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2/5/2007 10:28:09 PMdennis

will it work on a .NET platform? coz when i try to convert it into VB .NET, i was getting a lots of probs, haiz, maybe im just not good in programming. James, is there anyway to make it work? Thanx for ur hard work, it really helps a lot especially for a news reporter like me.
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3/16/2012 9:45:06 PMAlex

How exactly do I use this? When I unzip it there's no application file to open it with. Please help!
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