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iXCopy Interactive XCopy Utility 3.1.0

Submitted on: 1/6/2015 6:59:00 PM
By: David Ross Goben (from psc cd)  
Level: Advanced
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Compatibility: VB.NET
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Version 3.1.0. iXCopy. SIGNIFICANT UPDATE.
Multiple source data selection feature is now added, allowing you to customize the iXCopy process to handle only the files and folders you choose...

Interactive XCOPY, is a fast user-interface that emulates the Xcopy DOS command, allowing the user to copy or backup a file or group of files or folders interactively. The application works by copying all files from within a source path to within a destination path. This is important in typical backup scenarios. Options to copy only modified files, only new (or newer) files, or only files that already exist within a backup location, to reset the archive flags on the files copied, and an option to include subdirectories are included, and to include EXCLUDING common folders, such as the Windows folder or the Program Files folder, and ignoring hidden or system files/folders.

Also featured is a command line reporter that will generate a command line sequence, which you can have the iXCopy utility generate a desktop shortcut for, with which you can use to later repeat the selected operation (backing up certain folders is a often-repeated practice). If you have several archiveal operations that you would like to save in a batch file to run all at once, iXCopy has another option to generate such a batch file, or append to an existing batch file. The shortcut or batch file will in turn invoke iXCopy and supply it with the options that you had selected. When executed from a shortcut or batch file, each instance of iXCopy can be instructed to exit when it has completed its operation (Batch files can run numerous copies of iXCopy simutaneously, speeding even complex data copying requirements).

I originally wrote this utility under VB6 in 1998, as XCPY, to back up valuable proprietary company source code, reports, and databases to an archive server. It has been in heavy use in numerous offices for better than the past decade, allowing its users to initiate complete or modification-only backups of their data with a simple click of a mouse button. This version include many new features beyond those featured for the older VB6 version, such as many more options, a better estimated end time calculator, an option to exit upon task completion, and active total data size left report, any many other features.

Please note that this version of iXCopy will prompt you through a standard User Account Control (UAC) dialog to aquire administrative permission to run under Vista (Windows 6.0) and Windows 7 (Windows 6.1). Many backups require copying data for which the system will demand such permissions, accessing system folders such as System32, Program Files, and Program Data, and Vista and Win7 are more stringent in this regard than previous versions of Windows, such as XP or Win2K.

Version 3.1.0 features selective backups, where you can select only the files and folders within a drive that you want backed up. Now, you can browse anywhere within a drive and choose only the folders and/or files you want to back up, no longer confining you to just a single source folder or drive. Also, you can now import and export configurations to *.IXC text files, which allows you to save multiple file and folder selections. The Help dialog has also been expanded to feature two pages of instructions. You can also view the current selection options using the new VIEW SELECTION DATA button, where you can manually edit, load, and save custom selection lists.

NOTE: When this program starts up, because it may need to copy protected file and folder that you may select for backup, you will always be first be prompted with a USER ACCOUND CONTROL form to get permission to access any protected folder/files you may select for your backup. This is access through the project property's Application UAC Settings.

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