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Bladed Graphics Pattern Creator fixed Blue

Submitted on: 5/29/2020 10:48:23 AM
By: Eddie Bole 
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 3 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     I FIXED THE BLUE PATTERN BUG. This program makes cool looking blade like graphics designs. Includes green and blue colours, banding effect along blades (not shown in this screen shot). You can also make each blade smooth and shiny by adjusting the 2nd scroll bar), change dark shadow to opposite side in each pattern (2nd scroll bar adjustment) and an extra skewed diagonal pattern that gives a perspective view (as opposed to the parallel along the diagonal one). I finally fixed the problem with the blue pattern (turned out it was not that hard after all). The blue patterns now have a very soft surface option ( I'll let you discover that one by varying the 1st and 2nd sliders at smaller values). This is almost the final version. At work we had out 1st covid-19 student case so my school went into lockdown/temporary closure (a bit scary). Hopefully things will improve, as at the moment its kinda really bad, Enjoy, eat healthy and stay safe.

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Other User Comments

5/8/2020 4:39:45 AMEddie Bole

I am currently experimenting with a few more designs, but at the moment I have only included 5 types. here in Oz we had a cold wet snap, then lots of wind yesterday. Today we are back to almost nice again. Literally 3 seasons within a few days.
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5/8/2020 5:08:33 PMKenneth Foster

I really like this one. Can't wait for some more. You have it same weather as I do.
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5/10/2020 2:57:44 PMKenneth Foster

I can change the colors but not in a predicable color pattern. Just add a color (ex:vbBlue) to the end of the picture.line code. (ex: + vbBlue) don't change anything just add it. see if that works for you
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5/13/2020 1:18:03 AMEddie Bole

Thanks Kenneth for the tip. I worked out how to change it to Blue and Green using RBG( 0, percent, 0) and sort of worked out the translation part, but there is a small error with a blue band going missing. I'm trying to get it to make any colour and not just Red, Green or Blue. Here in Oz. the weather has gotten cold, so that doesn't produce a good working environment. The internet is also not working reliably. I also played around with the graph plot code, but got frustrated so it's very much work in (staggered) progress at the moment, while feeling miserably cold.
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5/22/2020 7:23:15 PMEddie Bole

With the Blue colour pattern bug, it does not occur when the 1st slider is at zero. Also when this 1st slider is changed the dark bank appears at 3.5 blades, with the extra 1/2 appearing after the dark black band. So it sort of appears that I either have to work on a round off/truncation error due to integer mixed with long calculations or I have to set things so that they appear in lots of 4 by doing /4 or \4 (mod 4) somewhere in the colour part of the line code. Just my thoughts on the fixing the blue colour problem.
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5/29/2020 10:40:45 AMEddie Bole

The Blue pattern bug is now finally FIXED. By varyin the 1st and 2nd slider there is a very soft look blue pattern (kinda reminds me of a silky pin cushion type effect). I left Red and Green patterns the same, as I kinda like the banded effects as well as the shiny ones.
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