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Submitted on: 12/10/2019 4:26:13 AM
By: JJ Banks 
Level: Beginner
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Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     OCX to be loaded for program to work properly: richtx32.ocx I write approx. 3300 web pages per month. I wrote several programs to assist me in this subject, and one of these create the page, add page name and other properties from just one word I loaded into memory. Sometimes, the word(page name) need some adjustment after I have created the page, before I add the properties. This takes a lot of my time, thus: Edit Clipboard. Couldn't found on the net what I was looking for. Here is the code of the completed program. No need to vote, as all my experience came from VB3-VB6 programmers, such as yourself. This will be the only version uploaded, so if you want to enhance, please feel free to do so. JJBanks NOTE: I have decided to show you how far we can go with this. After building numerous pages, I found there are just not enough added links. Added extra here: > +12 Links to add Before/After (with save) > Each Link has it's own Radio-button: Before/After (and save the value position). > MouseMove over Link and the Radio-button value will show in the ToolTipText ( [text to add] /Before or After) > Save ALL settings to disc-file for future re-incorporation. (I installed a new screen card and have to move 2 of the SATA plugs to new positions. Re-installing of my Windows systems was due :( - thus, I lost all my settings!) Trial-and-Error makes us wise - I hope :) === [ The small help is a bit old, but still show the valid information ]

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1/4/2020 9:27:58 PMgordon gardener

well blow me down, I made a wee prog something like that and called it notepad, same buttons to change font size color and name style etc, alignment and all that, just wee progs I make for my own use, its good to help others

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