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Daily Penny Doubled 2B a Millionaire

Submitted on: 9/14/2018 11:11:49 AM
By: ICE 
Level: Beginner
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Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     When I was a kid my uncle told me what I thought was just something to drive me insane or keep me busy trying to prove what he said was wrong or impossible, What he told me was that if I put 1 penny in a bank one day then doubled it the next day an put 2 more pennies in the bank. And then double it again the next day putting 0.04 ¢, then 0.08 ¢ the day after that, then 0.16 ¢ the day after that and so on an so on, that a person could be a millionaire real soon, I laughed at him said he was crazy, after I tries a few times to prove he was crazy, I couldn't prove he was crazy, All I seemed to prove is it could be done in theory but it wold be extremely hard for many people to last or get past 21 days of doubling what was put in the bank the day before with day 1 only putting in 1¢,,, At that rate on the 7th day one would have to put 0.64 ¢ in the bank and would have a total of $1.28 in the bank,,, So I made this little program to see just how long it would actually take to have a million in the bank,, lol,, It didn't really take that long to hit the million dallor mark... And to think it only stats with 1 penny one day double it the next day and so on an so on,,, Now I know how long it would take,,,, LOL

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Other User Comments

9/14/2018 4:20:05 PMMike

When I was a kid my Dad and Uncles gave this riddle.
Three men share a hotel room and the clerk charges them $10 each. Later the clerk feeling he overcharged them gives the bellboy $5 to give back to the men. The bellboy not sure how to divide $5 between the three men gives each of the men $1 and pockets the remaining $2.

Now each man payed $9 each = $27 plus the $2 the bellboy kept = $29, where’s the extra $1.

I’ve attempted to resolve this with VB6 and Excel with no luck, care to give it a shot?
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9/14/2018 5:31:47 PMPaul Bahlawan

@Mike its balanced, no missing dollar. no vb program.
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9/14/2018 5:37:28 PMPaul Bahlawan

@ICE you mean n^2
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9/14/2018 6:59:35 PMPaul Bahlawan

Totaly meant 2^n
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9/15/2018 2:35:59 AMICE

LOL to the no missing money
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