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Hydro Calculator

Submitted on: 8/28/2018 9:53:15 AM
By: ICE 
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     Here in Ontario Canada everyone who gets a hydro bill knows that they are getting ripped off royally & have been getting that treatment for a long time now, I put this together to help people get a rough idea / estimate on how much anything that they have that uses electricity costs them when being used, Anything from light bulbs to microwaves, Crock-pots to hair driers, toasters to clocks, TVs to stereos, Anything that uses electricity,,, I set it up basically to calculate one thing at a time, But you could add up the watts from several things at once, but where they all used for the same exact time, doubt that, well lamps an lights might be close,,, the will display how much a item would roughly cost per month & year, but that depends on if its being used on a regular bases, Plus it depends on the time its being used, Here in Ontario the hydro companies have 3 different rates Off Peek is the lowest one, mid-off peek & Peek the cash grabbing rate. And they have Summer rates and Winter rates,,, But the have it set up so peek hits in summer when its so hot people turn on their AC an in the winter when you need the electric heat,, plus you have to cook or wait till the rate drops lol,,, The rate of cost an times chart is in the too... I hope you like this one.. if you rate it be nice

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Other User Comments

8/28/2018 12:11:21 PMPaul Bahlawan

Good idea ICE, but why not just calc and display all 3 at once. Also, 11.3 cents <> 0.113 cents and its kilowatt not killa-watt.
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8/28/2018 2:40:40 PM~The~ICE~Man~

LOL I know its kilowatts LOL,A few of my old friends liked it, some made changes to help lower their hydro bill, I'm OK with coding buttons individually, It shows the 3 different rates, I could've put 3 OptionButtons to 1 TextBox, I almost put a ListBox in so there could be a list of things running on electricity...
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