Software Installation Labelled As Malware

Submitted on: 5/18/2018 9:38:15 PM
By: A_X_O 
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     Avoid your Software being labelled as Malware by Anti Virus Vendors. '

				To avoid or at least minimise the risk of your Software being labelled as Malware by the well known Anti Virus Vendors. You can submit your Software to the Security Community for analysis which will generate a hash key for your Software. This is almost like a clean bill of health for your Software.
If you publish the hash key alongside your Software installer, your Security Conscious customers can get your Software Installation Package Analysed before opening it and verified to a certain extent.
If you navigate to the website:
Submit your Software Installation Package [*.exe | *.msi] or whatever you use, it will be scanned for you, for free.
A hash key will be created that uniquely identifies your Package to the Security Community. The hope is, Once identified 
it will no longer be incorrectly labelled as Malicious. 
IKARUS - Anti Virus
Incorrectly labels some of my software as Virus/Win32/VBinject 
which is completely incorrect.This probably demonstrates the flaws in IKARUS 
I hope this helps some of you.

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