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Common DateTime Picker Replacement in VB6 - [Basic version] - Updated on 03-06-2018

Submitted on: 6/3/2018 7:13:35 AM
By: PGB Prasanna 
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 5 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     This simple project demonstrates how you can use System DateTime Picker in your GUI application in order to get/set time or date easily. This is some sort of replacement to common DateTime picker used in vb6, which depends on a relatively large OCX file, which does not even support for modern Windows GUI styles. Please note that this is almost a very basic version.

  • No need common OCX in vb6 to use the DateTime Picker in GUI.
  • Perfectly works on all modern operating systems without any dependency.
  • Better performance compared to the OCX in VB6. (Direct access to SysDateTimePick32).
  • Supports for all modern Windows GUI styles, which you cannot get from the common OCX used in VB6 (not even with the manifest).

New Update: Bug fixed on Windows XP and UC resizing facility added on 03/06/2018.

Your comments are greatly welcome.

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Other User Comments

7/31/2017 12:07:10 AMChenLin

That is great! It's just what I want, and I don't have to add a big OCX to a date selection anymore!!
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6/21/2018 11:52:56 AMRob

If one wanted a graphic Time Picker (an easier way to quickly choose a time), we could pop up a clock face.
There would be two options at the top "Day" or "Night".
If the user clicks Day, the clock face goes yellow. If they click night, then the clock face goes dark blue (or what ever you believe indicates it is night).
Then the user clicks a spot at the circumference of the circle, and that selects a time. EG 11:00 AM

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6/21/2018 6:45:57 PMPGB Prasanna

Rob, thanks for the great suggestion.
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7/1/2018 4:51:01 PMsureshkumar

That is great!, thanks rob,
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7/30/2018 3:29:03 PMAeric

This will be useful
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7/30/2018 3:34:23 PMAeric

I tried download the zip file but Windows Security Essentials detected a virus (Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl) inside the zip. Please remove the exe file and reupload again.
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10/16/2018 8:01:42 AMchai

It will be perfected if you add the CheckBox property.
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