JS Engine+Debugger (QTScript)

Submitted on: 8/18/2015 10:56:01 AM
By: dzzie  
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Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     Test project for using the QTScript Javascript engine and debugger UI from VB6. Including ability to integrate with VB form objects and COM controls.

Here is an experiment I have been playing with.
The QT framework includes its own Javascript engine, QTScript, which supports a debugger protocol. It even includes a full javascript debugger UI built in.
We can use this from VB6 to add javascript and debugging features to our apps.
Just the javascript engine will run about 2mb in dll dependancies. If you want the full debugger interface support too, then add another 10mb. But its pretty easy to use.
The source repository is here:
I have also designed a way to allow it access to VB host objects and arbitrary (host provided) ActiveX objects. The example repo linked above just uses a very basic integration of this feature (the main test here is for the QT integration)
A more comprehensive implementation that allows you to do things like the following is available:
var ts = fso.OpenTextFile(fpath,1); v = ts.ReadAll();alert(v)
Below is a video overview of it and shows it in action:
(set quality to HD for best viewing note the video is a little old and a couple bugs in it have already been fixed)
And spoiler next post will be for another JS engine + debugger with only 400k runtime dependancy (Duktape JS Engine). Here the debugger is tightly integrated with a native VB6 GUI.
Blog post with more info here.

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7/18/2015 11:17:24 AMdaveCarter

you always do great stuff, thanks man :)
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