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     Introduction to cloud management softwares & solutions and how these features are implemented in

				As an enterprise cloud management solution the idea of my cloud portal is to provide a single pane of glass for the user to Consume and Govern any service from any cloud. This cloud management solution can be used as a cloud broker, cloud gateway or a cloud control panel.
In its current state it enables users to consume, monitor and manage services from Eucalyptus private cloud & AWS public cloud (Amazon Web Services).
My Cloud Portal features
Connect & Manage
Acts as a cloud services gateway or a cloud broker to help you create and manage infrastructure services like Compute, Volume, Snapshot, KeyPair, Security Group & Ip Address from IaaS cloud.
User and Access control
Use the cloud governance features to define role based access controls and security at the Manager, Admin and User levels using the cloud control panel.
Usage & Cost reports
Use the cloud management features to generate Project, Department, Account or User based reports of your resources and their costs.
As a cloud management solution, you can get a birds eye view of your cloud's health, workflows, costs and usage and that too, based on predefined roles.
Use the cloud governance features to setup workflows mirroring your business processes and control your internal cloud consumption by approving or rejecting infrastructure requests by your users.
Product Catalog
Set up, package & price your infrastructure products in your local currency.
my cloud portal being a comprehensive cloud management solution packs a rich set of features to manage and control your cloud services. From a single control panel, you can use the same cloud management features to Connect & Manage Eucalytpus (2 & 3 versions) private cloud and Amazon Web services(AWS) public cloud. This is in the current state, we will be adding new clouds very soon.
On top of this, my cloud portal helps you define your own users and their roles, view role specific dashboards, comprehensive reports, model procurement workflows based on your existing business processes and authorization chains.
manage many cloud providers and services from the same window.
manage and control the life cycle of Compute, Images, Volumes, Keys, Ip Addresses & Snapshots.
usage and cost reports.
Create and manage users, assign them to projects, create any number of departments.
Create and manage business processes as workflows and span them across cloud providers
Control your enterprise cloud consumption through approvals.

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