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     airlines Project Specification

				AIM :-			
	This project aims at facilitating the online reservation facilities for the Air travel 
	and it is intended to be used by the Airlines for managing the online flight 
	This Project is the automation of the working of an airline reservation system.It is a software
	application to assist an airline with transactions related to managing ticket resevations online,
	which includes reserving and cancelling the tickets.The system will be designed in order that
	high availability is required to gain user acceptance.
	The manual system is complex and bags numerous shortcomings, the most critical being the
	inconvenience caused to the user, needs to be replaced so as to cope up with continuously
	increasing demands and expectations of users.
	Thus to overcome the manual reservation system pitfalls, this system provides a sophisticated,
	fully integrated software platform that will serve comprehensive user friendly functionalities.
	The system will justify its advantages by facilitating the user with the online enquiry, booking
	and cancellation of tickets. It provides an automated single point data entry and instant access 
	to numerous key data. It also ensures high service levels and cost-effective operations.
	The system focuses to achieve minimal repititive work, minimize the number of vacant seats and
	reduce information redundancy.
		This feature is to facilitate the user to access the flight details and get to know 
		the availability of the flights between the desired source and destination.
		The administrator can enquire the details of all passengers on a flight
		This feature provides login for various users using the system, namely guest user,
		registered user and the administrator. The guest user is the least priveleged one,
		registered user has the benefits like fare discounts and web check in.
		The administrator being the most priveleged one is able to monitor and alter the 
		complete system functionality.
		This feature provides the facility to confirm tickets for the trip. It will decrement
		the number of available seats, depending upon the number	of travellers being
		represented by the user.
		This feature provides the ticket cancellation. The number of available seats will
		be incremented depending on the number of seat(s) cancelled by the user.
		This feature provides the user, the facility to generate a duplicate ticket. The 
		user has to provide his PNR number for ticket regeneration.		
		This feature allows a user to view all information about his trip.			
	1. The trip duration will be of maximum 24 hours (one day).
	2. All transactions done only by credit card and the credit card number is valid.
	3. One month advance booking will be provided.

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