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A Cooking Recipe Portal V 2.16

Submitted on: 1/5/2015 2:22:00 PM
By: Dexter Zafra (from psc cd)  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 17 Users
Compatibility: C#, ASP.NET
Views: 12422
     World Recipe V2.9 is an ASP.NET 2.0 C# N-Tier application and SQL 2005 Database with stored procedure to contain and display recipes in a wide variety of categories, also allow your visitors to post their favorite recipes, rate recipe and add comment. You can edit/delete recipes or comments in a password protected admin recipe manager area. Features: Cooking Blog/Article RichText Editor Recipe of the Day Last Viewed Recipe in the last 4 Hours Configure SMTP server address and Webmaster email Enabled/Disabled Comment Through the Admin Page Send to a Friend Email in HTML Format Cross browser compatibility Search capability Email notifications Advanced Admin Management Extremely extensible RSS Feeds Link ratings Link reviews Live Demo at:
Fixed stored procedure rating bug. CAST((1.0 * a.No_Rating/a.No_Rates) as decimal(2,1)) as Rates
Star rating image is now accurate. Fixed few bugz. This new version of XD World Recipe V 2.8 is 3-tier arhcitecture, and much more secured than the older version with added querystring and input validation. This version use Stored Procedure and Object Oriented Programming for data abstraction and code reuse. You must have basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Stored Procedure, IIS 5/6, SQL 2005 server to configure and attach the database. If you want to learn ASP.NET C# 3-tier application architecture and SQL stored procedure, this one is for you. Source code and installation guide included in the zip file. Fixed bug on Count days. Changed inc_admindbconn.aspx connection string to use the web config conn string. Final Update. Added Article Manager and used data abstraction for code reuse and encapsulate some logic. Added article category manager. Fixed pager last and next button bug. Also implemented field length validation. Implemented bi-directional sorting. Features: 1) Recipe Blog / Article - Rich Text Editor 2) Recipe of the Day 3) Most Viewed recipe in the last 4 hours. 4) Admin page to configure SMTP server address and Webmaster email 5) Enabled/disabled comment through admin page. 6) Send to a friend email in HTML format. 7) Optional photo upload for the recipe 8) New Rating/Voting system 9) New CSS layout interface. 10) Dynamic page title and keywords 11) Optimized for SE 12) Article/Blog Manager - Add, edit and delete article/blog Update: 1) Implement CSS DIGG Style custom numeric paging with bidirectional dynamic sorting 2) Used IDataReater to bind the repeater 3) Implement Row_Number paging 4) Improved the page load performance by disabling viewstate 5) Changed the paging logic 7) Make Pager Link SEO Friendly 8) Display pager like 1,2,3,4,5..11,12 Update: Used Generic LIST to bind a repeater with custom entity object. No ObjectDataSource use. Implement caching. If there is new record or update in the database, the cache will be remove. --------------- Latest Update: Used custom paging SQL Row_Number in Admin Recipe Manager Grid to efficiently page data if the the number of recipe grow large. This will improve loading time, and eliminate loading all the records at one time. --------- Update: 9-12-08 Change image upload logic 1)Implemented a logic to append alphanumeric char if image name already exist. This prevent overwriting an existing image. 2) Implemented a logic to delete the image when the recipe with an image is deleted. Necessary to clean up unused images. 3)Implemented a logic to delete an image when updating/replacing an image. 5) Changed the image view logic to prevent file locking "File is being use by another person/user" 6)Create a class to return the image and path so when you change the image directory you only have to open one file. Noet: Make sure you give write permission the image directory. Otherwise you will get an error. ----------- View Live Demo and Screenshots at

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