Check e-mail address validity(SMTP)

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By: Bogomil Shopov (from psc cd)  
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     In my work I am asking my self is there way to check e-mail address validity.Here is one oh the decisions...

				Check e-mail address validity  

In my work I am asking my self is there way to check e-mail address validity.Let's look over the following lines:
This is simple communication between user and SMTP server:

(Server) 220 ESMTP
(User) helo localhost
(Server) 250
(User) mail from:admin<>
(Server) 250 ok
(User) rcpt to:contest<>
(Server) 250 ok
(User) data
(Server) 354 go ahead
(User) subject:this is a test
(User) hello friend how are you?
(Server) 250 ok 1019555935 qp 93990
(User) quit
(Server) 221

Then let's look over the following lines:

(Server) 220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.11.6/8.11.6; Tue, 23 Apr 2002 13:43:10 +
helo localhost
(Server) 250 Hello [], pleased to meet you
(User) mail
(Server) 250 2.1.0 Sender ok
(User) rcpt
(Server) 550 5.1.1 User unknown

If web server support the user recognition, the result should be 'User unknown'

PHP implementation

class CEmail{

function check($host,$user){

$fp = fsockopen ($host, 25);
set_socket_blocking ($fp, true);
fputs ($fp, "Helo Local\n");
fgets ($fp, 2000);
fgets ($fp, 2000);
fputs ($fp, "Mail From:<$user@$host> \n");
fgets ($fp, 2000);
fputs ($fp, "RCPT to:aetos<$user@$host> \n");
$result= fgets ($fp, 2000);
$st= substr($result,0,3);
if ($st==250){

echo"Email address is valid";

echo"The address is not valid";


$m=new CEmail;

This class implementing the conversation in previous chapter (SMTP & USER)

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