Basic SqlDataReader Explained

Submitted on: 1/1/2015 9:47:00 AM
By: Tyler Love (from psc cd)  
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Compatibility: C#, ASP.NET
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     This is a short tutorial explaining how you would go about reading data from your database on to an application or an ASP.NET web page.

				1. Create a sqlConnection to your database using the sqlConnection tool in your tool box. Name it sqlMyCon

2. Create a sql command using the sqlCommand tool in your toolbox that will query and return a row that you are wanting. Name it sqlMyCmd. In this case I am wanting to return a specific row so I would do something like this:

WHERE (ColumnName = '1234567')
That would return all the columns in the the table "MyTable". Where there was a row in the Column "ColumnName" that has the integer "1234567" in it.

3. Now you have done with that you get to write a few lines of code. So here is the example of how I would go about reading the data that is returned and inserting it into a web page or application. (Pretend I have a label named "lblData")

// This creates a datareader
SqlDataReader reader = sqlMyCmd.ExecuteReader();
//This will select what column's data it will
// return using "GetString" remember it is zerobased
lblData.Text = reader.GetString(2);

4. Run it and make sure it works. If you would like to see something that uses that and does work go to I made that site and all the content comes from a database using almost that exact same thing.

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