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Submitted on: 1/4/2015 5:49:00 PM
By: Anonymous (from psc cd)  
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Compatibility: Microsoft Visual C++
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				'File Hider' is a program that lets you 'Hide' 1 or more files behind a Main File,
with the capacity to Compress and Crypt hidden elements,
so if anybody that double clicks Main File, will see only what we did'nt want
to hide, or, according to the Main File type, all
'withouth meaning' - characters.
E.G., if Main File is a Bitmap, only that bmp would be seen,
if is a .txt file, you will be able to read first file and also
all the other files-data, and if also other files are text ones,
you will need to compress or crypt them to make them no-readable.
This way, it is almost impossible for others to know that there are
other files behind the visible one (the only thing that can make them
think there is something strange could be, for example, that a 10x10
Btimap has a size of 2 MB :) ),
It's also impossible to retrieve the password, 'cause it is not
written neither in the file nor in any other part,
so, withouth it, it could be possible to open the files behind Main,
but both names and datas will be all wrong.
Help for this program can be found here:
(i tried and tried, but i couldn't upload my prg, so you can find it in the same page of help)
Inside there is zlib.dll, read MyREADME.txt.
Inside you will find a very simple class to manage ListViews and ImageLists...examples of file Drag & Drop...and many other things

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