DLL Injection -- Part ONE

Submitted on: 1/4/2015 4:44:00 PM
By: Nasser Remy Rowhani (from psc cd)  
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     This article -- PART ONE
will teach you how to inject a dll into a process. First, read this section. once you get the hang of it, The REAL stuff come in PART TWO,,where we fool around with asm OPCODES YAAAAAAY

This is my first article in this site,, so support me,, sorry if i made any mistakes, or spelling mistakes,, or or or... i donno
Anyway, It's time to rock! Time to have fun...

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				I'll tell you what DLL Injection is...
"Injecting a dll into a running process, is inserting a dll into the process's address space.. as you all -shuld- know is that when you load a dll, it goes to your address space, which means that, your variables/memory in general, are all accessible with normal pointers by the dll itself."

i'll explain how it works on win95/98/ME/XP/2k/NT everywhere :D --i did it all on VC++6,, so i prefer this compiler,,,shuold work on .NET too, Prollly on earlier versions too, i donno :P

This is useful when you need to make an API Spy for example,
a program that saves a log file of API functions that were called in the program...
I made a WSOCK32.DLL spy for mirc.exe... (mIRC chat client)
MAN !!! i had fun!
I'll post the log file in here...
Basically, it gives you FULL control over an app.
Some of you script kiddies might think it's good for hacking, but once you get the hand of it, you'll have so much fun, that you'll drop hacking.

There are things you need to know before you read this article (Sorry couldn't just show 'em all, they're too much) can be used to learn "ALL" of them

1) Memory management...You need to know how windows manages it's memory
2) PE Headers <--the most important thing if you're doin this in win9x/ME --
3) Basic debbuging APIs...These are some apis that allow you do debug a certain app
4) enough knowlege of asm...and OPCODES of instructions
5) should be able to code a dll of your own

hmmm I think, if you read the WHOLE section of "Base Services" in msdn library, you should be able to learn all them steps(including PE format) :P :P :P,,
don't worry, i'll help you enough to find the articles that you need except ASM ofcourse, need to get some small "asm tutorial", then learn some "32bit asm" (API)
then, you're all set

Firstly, let me tell you, i hate lazy ppl.
You want to learn dll injection? atleast be glad that i posted some info in here,
it took me a whole week to prepare an article like this. I'm not just giving you the butter, you need to research on your own...
i'm just giving you a starter, and enough info to search on your own.
If you don't like researching, then this article isn't for you. i'm sorry...
i told you, don't worry, i'm gonna make as simple as whistling dixie :DDD
---Oh, forgot to mention, I love you "Matt Pietrek" I love you. You are Number one!
I hope you read this! You can count me as one of your favorite
students :P :P :P lol

--don't worry, it's VERY VERY VERY easy to do this
I think i shouldn't have put it in the advanced section! Read the Tutor.txt file in the zip file

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