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TSERVE v3.4! (Remote Administration Telnet Server w/ 50+ commands)

Submitted on: 1/4/2015 7:39:00 AM
By: Wċzerface (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: C, C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, UNIX C++
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     New Version 3.4 includes new commands more efficient code and a GUI w/ system tray icon and menu! This program accepts connections from regular telnet clients, and gives them a high level of control over the computer running this server. This is the most powerful Remote Administration (RAT) program on PSC as far as i know. Ive been working on this for about 3 months and have thrown in new commands every once in a while. This program is fully multithreaded, with threads creating threads creating threads. It can accept an unlimited number of connections, with connections making connections (via telnet proxy), and it can still run smoothly. Parameters to commands are specified using a space. for example you can type "SENDMSG 4398 16 0 0" to send the WM_CLOSE (16) command to handle 4398. (you can also use "'s to split peramters with spaces) Here are some of the commands accepted by the telnet server:
Some new features include: A port proxy with spying feature, GETMYIP command which returns remote ip address, the ICONNECT command which dials the default RAS connection, and a CMD command which spawns a dos proccess with perameters and returns results. Still Includes: -FTP support including 11 ftp commands (upload, download, delete, move, copy etc...) -SPY feature, shows current class under mouse, and keylogger. -Nonmodal message box option -new parsing system -and more! HELP -Lists commands. Just type this to get a list of commands.

close - tell server to drop connection eecho - enables echo of any recieved data decho - disables echo commtest - tests communication etween server and client gethostname - returns host name of computer trmnt - terminates server (proccess)
(dont worry it gets more interesting)
getclip - gets server's clipboard data setclip - sets it. shutdown, reboot, logoff - guess?
progs - enumerates all the running programs / proccesses on the machine running the server. killp - sends message WM_CLOSE (16) to handle specified sendmsg - sends a message to a handle shell - ShellExecutes the parameters dir - lists files / folders in current directory (set using CD) msgbx - creates a messagebox on the server machine. (msgbx ?, for more info on icons etc...) telnet - ok this is a powerful command. it allows you to connect to another machine (TELNET [ip] [port]) (haha, you can try connecting to yourself again and again to test the super multithreading!! lol (ive done about 50 self connects, creating over 100 threads, and it still runs fast!)
setv - sets the wave out volume (i just threw this in here so i could control the volume of my music from a wireless link on a laptop)
the following file system commands are supported: cd (change directory), del (delete), rename file, copy file, move file, make directory (MD), view a file and write to a file
any thing else people would like me to add please comment.
DISCO -Disconnects internet connection. (dialup) HIDETB -Hides the taskbar. SHOWTB -Shows the taskbar. HIDEDT -Hides the desktop. SHOWDT -Shows the desktop. HIDECAD -Disables the Ctrl + Alt + Del Sequence (Close Program). (Windows 95/98/ME only) SHOWCAD -Enables the Ctrl + Alt + Del Sequence (Close Program). OPENCD -Opens CD Drive. CLOSECD -Closes CD Drive.

NEW IN VERSION 3.10: Telnet proxy redone to use less memory and run faster (winsock noblocking mode instead of threads) PING command added, allows ping of remote computer (from server). NSLOOKUP added, does query on hostname and returns IP. Authentication addded. Stored password in registry (set with PASS command). If enabled, will require password to access. NOTE: type HELP for a list of commands.


INCLUDE files:

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//INCLUDE files for :TSERVE v3.4! (Remote Administration Telnet Server w/ 50+ commands)
NOTE: type HELP for a list of commands.
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