A Guide To Common Dialog Boxes Including Fonts

Submitted on: 1/23/2015 6:30:00 AM
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     This is for anyone who is having trouble with common dialog boxes. Common Dialogs I have seen many examples on , that have messed up Common Dialogs , mainly when it comes to the font dialog. This tutorial should teach you all you need to know for common dialogs. Definitions: Flags - These are simply options or choices you can use. Using the flags: 'Setting it for use CommonDialog.Flags = &H1 'Setting it for use of more than one CommonDialog.Flags = &H1 Or &H4 Activating Dialogs: This is simply the code to start up each dialog box. CommonDialog.ShowColor 'Lets the user pick a color CommonDialog.ShowFont 'Lets the user pick font CommonDialog.ShowOpen 'Lets the user pick a file to open CommonDialog.ShowPrinter 'Shows Printer Setup CommonDialog.ShowSave 'Lets the user pick a file to save to ShowColor: The following are some flags for using the Color dialog boxes. &H1 - This is one i personally like. This makes the common dialog start showing its current color. &H2 - This starts with the custom color tab open. &H4 - This makes it so they can not create custom colors. &H8 - This adds a help button to the dialog. &H10 - This will reset the common dialog to default. ShowFont: The following are some flags for using the Font dialog boxes. &H1 - Allows the dialog only to list fonts supported by the system. &H2 - Allows the dialog only to list fonts supported by the printer. &H3 - Lists the fonts from the two above. &H4 - Adds a help button. &H100 - Allows the choices of underline strike thru and color selection. &H2000 - Shows only font sizes between the min and max. &H20000 - Allows only fonts that can be scaled. &H40000 - Allows only true type fonts Applying to a textbox - For each property you must set it here is an example that sets it assuming you have &H100 and have a textbox named Text1 Text1.FontName = CommonDialog.FontName Text1.FontItalic = CommonDialog.FontItalic Text1.FontBold = CommonDialog.FontBold Text1.FontStrikethru = CommonDialog.FontStrikethru Text1.FontUnderline = CommonDialog.FontUnderline Text1.FontSize = CommonDialog.FontSize Text1.ForeColor = CommonDialog.Color ShowOpen And ShowSave: The following are some flags for using the Open dialog boxes. &H2 - Forces a warning before overwriting a file &H8 - Stops default directory from changing &H10 - Shows help button. &H200 - This makes it so more than one file can be selected. &H1000 - This makes it so the file must exist. &H2000 - This warns the user before creating a new file. Opening a file: CommonDialog.ShowOpen Open CommonDialog.FileName for Input as #1 'Opens The File Do until Eof(1) "Loops till complete file added to Textbox Line Input #1, Tmp Text1.Text = Text1.Text & Tmp Loop Close #1 'Closes the file Saving a file: CommonDialog.ShowSave Open CommonDialog.FileName for Output as #1 'Opens The File Print #1, Text1.Text 'Creates The File Close #1 'Closes the file ShowPrinter: The following are some flags for using the Printer dialog boxes. &H4 - Makes it so they cant choose to print only selected text. &H8 - Does not allow you to choose to print certain pages like 4-7. &H800 - This shows the help button. &H40 - This shows the print setup dialog box rather than the printer dialog box. &H100000 - This gets rid of the print to file option box. Printing Landscape - Printer.Orientation = 2 Printing Portrait - Printer.Orientation = 1 Please vote and leave comments.
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