Simple C# Directory Recursion

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     This shows and explains how to recursivley add all files, folders, and subfolder to an ArrayList.

Simple Directory Recursion

One of the things I liked a lot back when I was a VB programmer was the easy directory recursion using the File System Object, a function I use quite a bit in my applications. It became a bit more complex in Delphi (at least, the way I do it), so since I am now learning C#, I figured it would be wise of me to figure it out yet again. I was surprised about how simple it is in C#.

The Code:

using System.IO;
// This will be our ArrayList that everything is stored in.
ArrayList sFileList = new ArrayList();
private void recurseDirs(string sPath)
	// First we create an instance of DirectoryInfo and point it to the path we passed as a parameter to the function
	DirectoryInfo dirInfo = new DirectoryInfo(sPath); 
	// Next, we are adding all files in the current path to the ArrayList.
	// Now we step through all of the directories in dirInfo, add them to the ArrayList, and then call the function again.
	foreach(DirectoryInfo subDirs in dirInfo.GetDirectories())

Using This Code:

As shown in the code, make sure to add System.IO to your namespaces. To call this function from your code, simply type


In Conculsion:

Obviously, adding everything to an ArrayList is just an example of what to do with the information. I did notice that it will add all temporary, hidden, and system files and folders to the list. There is a workaround for this using FileAttributes, but since I am still a C# beginner, I haven't figured it out yet.

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