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PHP Mine

Submitted on: 1/1/2015 3:03:00 AM
By: PHP Code Exchange (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 5 Users
Compatibility: PHP 3.0, PHP 4.0
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     PHP version of famous "Minesweeper" game by Microsoft by Mathias Daval
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// Name: PHP Mine
// Description:PHP version of famous "Minesweeper" game by Microsoft by Mathias Daval
// By: PHP Code Exchange (from psc cd)

/*/////// PHPMINE v1.0 
// Copyright 2000, Kidou / PHPVault (http://www.phpvault.com) 
// Ce script est un freeware. Vous pouvez l'utiliser et le modifier librement, mais vous devez laisser le copyright. Merci de me faire savoir si vous trouvez ce script utile. (mathias@phpvault.com) 
// PHPMine est une version PHP du célèbre jeu "Démineur" de Mirosoft. 
// This script is a freeware. You can use it and modify it freely as long as you leave the copyright. Please tell me if you find this script useful (mathias@phpvault.com) 
// PHPMine is a PHP version of famous game "Minesweeper" by Microsoft. 
print "<html>"; 
print "<head>"; 
print "<title>PHPVault's PHPMine v1.0</title>"; 
print "</head>"; 
print "<body><center>"; 
print "<font size=4 face=Verdana><b>PHPMine v1.0</b>"; 
if ($submit=="") { 
if ($generer==1) { 
 if (($RowSize<=1) || ($ColSize<=1) || ($NumMine==0)) { 
 print "<p><br><font size=-1 color=red>Wrong number for Rows, Cols or Mines!</font>"; 
 if ($NumMine > $RowSize*$ColSize) { 
 print "<p><br><font size=-1 color=red>Too many mines!</font>"; 
 for ($Row=1;$Row<=$RowSize;$Row++) { 
 for ($Col=1;$Col<=$ColSize;$Col++) { 
 while ($index<$NumMine) { 
 if ($Mine[$Row][$Col]=="0") { 
} else { 
 for ($Row=1;$Row<=$RowSize;$Row++) { 
 for ($Col=1;$Col<=$ColSize;$Col++) { 
 if ($Decouv[$Row][$Col]=="1") {$reste=$reste-1;} 
 if ($$temp=="ok") { 
 if ($Mine[$Row][$Col]=="0") { 
 } else { 
 if ($perdu==1) { 
 print "<h2>You Lose!</h2>"; 
 for ($i=1;$i<=$RowSize;$i++) { 
 for ($j=1;$j<=$ColSize;$j++) { 
 if (($reste==$NumMine)&&($perdu!=1)) { 
 print "<h2>You Win!</h2>"; 
 print "<p><font size=-1><i>Your score: $time</i></font>"; 
 for ($i=1;$i<=$RowSize;$i++) { 
 for ($j=1;$j<=$ColSize;$j++) { 
print "<form method=get action=\"$PHP_SELF\">"; 
print "<input type=hidden name=time_start value=$time_start>"; 
print "<input type=hidden name=NumMine value=$NumMine>"; 
print "<input type=hidden name=RowSize value=$RowSize>"; 
print "<input type=hidden name=ColSize value=$ColSize>"; 
print "<input type=hidden name=generer value=0>"; 
print "<p><table border=1 cellpadding=8>"; 
for ($Row=1; $Row<=$RowSize; $Row++) { 
 print "<tr>"; 
 for ($Col=1; $Col<=$ColSize; $Col++) { 
 for ($i=-1; $i<=1; $i++) { 
 for ($j=-1; $j<=1; $j++) { 
 if ($Mine[$Row+$i][$Col+$j] == "1") { 
 print "<td width=15 height=15 align=center valign=middle>"; 
 if ($Decouv[$Row][$Col]=="1") { 
 if ($nb==0) { 
 print " "; 
 } else { 
 if ($Mine[$Row][$Col]=="1") { 
 print "*"; 
 } else { 
 print "$nb"; 
 } else { 
 print "<input type=hidden name=submit value=ok>"; 
 print "<input type=submit name=submit".($Row*($ColSize+1)+$Col)." value=ok>"; 
 print "<input type=hidden name=Mine".($Row*($ColSize+1)+$Col)." value=".$Mine[$Row][$Col].">"; 
 print "<input type=hidden name=Decouv".($Row*($ColSize+1)+$Col)." value=".$Decouv[$Row][$Col].">"; 
 print "</td>"; 
 print "</tr>"; 
print "</table>"; 
print "</form>"; 
<form method=post> 
Rows :  <input type=text name=RowSize value=5 size=2> 
<br>Cols :  <input type=text name=ColSize value=5 size=2> 
<br>Mines :  <input type=text name=NumMine value=4 size=2> 
<p><input type=submit name=submit value=Generate> 
<input type=hidden name=generer value=1> 
<center><font size=-2>(c) 2000, <a href="http://www.phpvault.com">PHPVault</a> - All rights reserved<br>Script by <a href="mailto:perso@kidou.net">Kidou</a> 

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