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  MultiRadio ComponentMultiRadio ComponentDelphi 5, Delphi 4, Pre Delphi 4Advanced /
Craig Hagstrom
3856 since
6/23/2016 3:59:54 PM
       A component that behaves as a classic radiobutton group or (when the Checkable property is true) as a combined radiobutton and checkbox group. Each item has a radiobutton and (when Checkable) checkbox associated. Clicking the radio button sets the whole c ...(description truncated)
  Office XP Interface.Office XP Interface.Delphi 5, Delphi 4Advanced /
Christophe HUMBERT (from psc cd)
2131 since
1/1/2015 6:45:00 AM

By 10 Users

       XP Menu is none visual component that changes the visual aspects of menus and toolbars to nearly the same look and feel of MS Office XP. No code required, you do not have to reconstruct menus or toolbars using components other than those shipped with Delp ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Scrollable Graph ControlScrollable Graph ControlDelphi 6, Delphi 5Advanced /
Chipmunk (from psc cd)
1615 since
1/1/2015 3:17:00 PM

By 2 Users

       A scrollable real-time graph control with wide history, highly customizable appearance allows you to make "oscilloscope" looking application in seconds!Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
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  StealthStealthDelphi 5Intermediate /
Dave Bayliss (from psc cd)
1504 since
1/1/2015 7:00:00 AM

By 4 Users

       Hide your porgams in the task manager, and from process lists. No one will ever know its there!
  Translucent Delphi Forms - Win2k/WinXP onlyTranslucent Delphi Forms - Win2k/WinXP onlyDelphi 5, Delphi 4Intermediate /
kirse (from psc cd)
1330 since
1/1/2015 7:16:00 AM

By 9 Users

       ::UPDATED:: With these procedures, you can make your Delphi forms translucent [see through] using some API that's in Win2k and Windows XP. If you like it, please vote. This is written in the newest Delphi version (6).Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Write to Windows 95 (and NT 4.0) Write to Windows 95 (and NT 4.0) "tray" applicationsDelphi 5, Delphi 4, Pre Delphi 4Intermediate /
A. Meeder (from psc cd)
991 since
1/1/2015 2:44:00 AM

By 2 Users

       A component that allows you to write Windows 95 (and NT 4.0) "tray" applications. Displays an icon in the system notification area. Includes many useful extras like allowing only one instance and hiding app from the task bar. Includes full source code.

Search Results: Page 2 of 2 found. Entries 11 - 16 of 16 found
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