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  LED DisplayLED DisplayCBeginner /
Utpal Parrikar (from psc cd)
1260 since
1/1/2015 5:48:00 AM

By 10 Users

       This code sets Parallel Port i.e. Printer Port so as to light up LED(Light Emmiting Diode) connected to printer port,number of times..
  Library AutomationLibrary AutomationC++ (general)Advanced /
Mohit Sharma
3378 since
10/10/2015 2:36:26 PM
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  Library ManagementLibrary ManagementC, C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++Advanced /
V.Dineshbabu (from psc cd)
1788 since
1/8/2015 8:16:00 AM

By 2 Users

       This is a example for Library managment system
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  Library Management ProgramLibrary Management ProgramC++ (general)Beginner /
brijesh vashishth (from psc cd)
1743 since
1/8/2015 1:11:00 PM

By 3 Users

       Code is used as library management(in any college,school or any where else)which uses c++ graphics.In this program u can add,dalate,update the information stored in file which is accessed only by the program.Code also used to handle information about book ...(description truncated)
  Loan Program in C++ Using Text FileLoan Program in C++ Using Text FileC++ (general)Beginner /
Jake R. Pomperada
3976 since
6/19/2016 2:57:19 AM
       A simple loan program that I wrote using C++ as my programming language to compute the interest rate of a loan of the customer and then it will store in a text file which act as our database. Add me at Facebook my address is and ...(description truncated)
  Lottery ProgramLottery ProgramC, C++ (general), Borland C++, UNIX C++Beginner /
D/D++ (from psc cd)
2187 since
1/2/2015 12:52:00 PM

By 3 Users

       Generates lottery numbers according to your customized options. It will avoid any invalid inputs with displaying intelligent messages. This is a great code if you have just started learning how to sort multi-dimensional arrays, generate random numbers, ch ...(description truncated)
  Magic EightBallMagic EightBallC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, UNIX C++Beginner /
Alwyn Malachi Berkeley Jr. (from psc cd)
4452 since
1/7/2015 7:39:00 PM

By 3 Users
3 Excellent Ratings
       The infamous all-knowing magic eightball program. This is just an old program I had, I decided to rewrite and submit it. Nothing fancy.Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  magic windowsmagic windowsC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++Beginner /
Venkat Mani (from psc cd)
840 since
1/2/2015 3:32:00 AM

By 6 Users

       Ever wanted to hide windows you did not want you boss/parents to see while u r working(or playing!!!),magic windows let's u hide/unhide windows with ease.My first submission in c++ on PSC .After working in vb for a long time ,found out c++ is way ahead of ...(description truncated)
  make  7  byte .exesmake 7 byte .exesC, C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, UNIX C++Advanced /
OpcodeVoid (from psc cd)
1038 since
1/2/2015 1:01:00 PM

By 49 Users

       This is for Visual basic users also: this will show you how to create a exe with no compiler, linker, anything just pure machine code. Please vote
  Math Functions ProgramMath Functions ProgramC++ (general)Beginner /
Tyler Rhodes (from psc cd)
940 since
1/1/2015 4:53:00 AM

By 5 Users

       This code performs mathematical functions such as finding factorials, permutations and combinations, GCF and LCM, tests for perfect numbers and also can generate a fibonacci sequence.

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