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  JavaNotepadJavaNotepadJava (JDK 1.5)Advanced /
4082 since
8/15/2015 3:57:24 AM
       Editor de text java. Text editor java.
  Notepad 1.00Notepad 1.00Java (JDK 1.4), Java (JDK 1.5)Advanced /
Collin Doering (from psc cd)
2811 since
1/4/2015 8:16:00 AM

By 2 Users

       A simple notepad developed in Java. For mote info see my site a http://www.rekahsoft.tkClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Rich Text Format file creatorRich Text Format file creatorJava (JDK 1.2)Intermediate /
Jennica Jane Humphrey (from psc cd)
1632 since
1/3/2015 3:26:00 AM

By 13 Users

       Although my code is called "RTF Converter", it is actually more appropriate to term it "RTF File Creator". This allows the programmer to create a RTF file from scratch. Center, left, and right alignment are supported--as well as tabs, line breaks, bold t ...(description truncated)
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  Save Data in Text FileSave Data in Text FileJava (JDK 1.4), Java (JDK 1.5)Intermediate /
4883 since
6/23/2017 8:38:09 PM
       I found in this code. Data in JTextField's. Add some lines in the code to check if any data is complete (not empty). If not, let me know with a message. Then save the data in a text file.
  Trivial File Transfer ProtocolTrivial File Transfer ProtocolJava (JDK 1.1), Java (JDK 1.2)Beginner /
Raghuveer Reddy, Thummala (from psc cd)
1706 since
1/3/2015 7:44:00 AM

By 3 Users

       This coding enables communication with a remote computer enabling one to browse the remote system directories and download the required files from the remote system.
  Universal File HandlerUniversal File HandlerJava (JDK 1.2)Intermediate /
Jennica Jane Humphrey (from psc cd)
2027 since
1/2/2015 4:17:00 PM

By 7 Users

       There is a lot you can do with this class! See the code to see the exact methods and how they work. You can delete files, copy files, insert a line into a file (alphabetically or append at end), search for a line, retrieve the nth line as a String, count ...(description truncated)
  Universal FileFilterUniversal FileFilterJava (JDK 1.2)Intermediate /
Jon Steffensen (from psc cd)
1434 since
1/2/2015 7:19:00 PM

By 5 Users

       This class is an extension to javax.swing.filechooser.Filefilter that you can use to easily build up simple file filters to use with JFileChooser. Example: <pre> ... String[] javaext = { "java" }; String[] htmlext = { "html", "htm" }; String[] tex ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  User Input through ConsoleUser Input through ConsoleJava (JDK 1.1), Java (JDK 1.2)Beginner /
TheCodeGuru (from psc cd)
2216 since
1/3/2015 5:32:00 PM

By 3 Users

       This is an example program shows how u can get input through the console window such as dos,etc. It may look silly example, but i am sure u will learn more from this, if u r a beginner. please vote me. thanks...
  Word CounterWord CounterJava (JDK 1.2)Intermediate /
Kego Brewski (from psc cd)
1664 since
1/3/2015 4:44:00 PM

By 4 Users

       Counts the number of words in a text document. A word is defined to be a set of contiguous non-blank characters. This is a command line application. Run the app from the folder containing the text file to be processed. When prompted, supply the text file ...(description truncated)

Search Results: Page 2 of 2 found. Entries 11 - 19 of 19 found
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