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  A*Beginners API*A*Beginners API*VB 6.0Beginner /
Michael Nipper (from psc cd)
1563 since
2/2/2015 8:25:00 AM

By 11 Users

       This is for beginners who want to begin using API in order to manipulate other programs. This is VERY heavily commented (About a paragraph per line of code) and explains how to use API to manipulate other programs through several examples. Learn how to ch ...(description truncated)
  A. read properties of a controlA. read properties of a controlVB 5.0, VB 6.0Advanced /
oigres P (from psc cd)
1620 since
1/9/2015 6:15:00 AM

By 3 Users

       Read most properties of a control and fills a flexgrid with the info (reading the form crashes prog). 'needs a reference to TLBINF32.DLL TypeLib Information
  A_SinusScrollerX_DEMOA_SinusScrollerX_DEMOVB 5.0, VB 6.0Advanced /
Siegfried Rings (from psc cd)
1430 since
1/5/2015 12:15:00 PM

By 3 Users

       It Scrolls any font+Size over a free background-picture from right to left with or without any Sinus-Effects.And all totally smooth without any flackering or something.User can add own graphicroutines in it.
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  A++ Over 25 API ExamplesA++ Over 25 API ExamplesVB 5.0, VB 6.0Intermediate /
whiteknight (from psc cd)
2305 since
1/6/2015 10:09:00 PM

By 9 Users

       This is an example of Some API Calls. Has Over 25 Calls. The example shows how to get The CharType (Numeric or AlphaNumeric), A key capture fuction, Get the Type Of drive (ie A: = Removable), Return the free disc space for a drive, Cause A FATAL Error and ...(description truncated)
  A1 GetAll Drives FunctionA1 GetAll Drives FunctionVB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
Anuj sharrma (from psc cd)
2107 since
2/7/2015 4:53:00 PM

By 5 Users

       I have seen so many of functions to get all system drives and Toatl free space of drive, Bytes,RootPathName, BytesFree, TotalBytes, TotalFreeBytes, sector per cluster...etc but they are not work on WIN98, WIN98SE, coz the programmers use FSO control. So t ...(description truncated)
  Absolute Wave PlayerAbsolute Wave PlayerVB 6.0Intermediate /
Arjang (from psc cd)
1470 since
1/8/2015 6:20:00 PM

By 14 Users

       This code will show you how to play wave sounds without using any components and just by calling an Api functionClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Absolute Windows Shut DownAbsolute Windows Shut DownVB 6.0Advanced /
Arjang (from psc cd)
2339 since
1/8/2015 5:56:00 PM

By 15 Users

       When you use the ExitWindowsEx API to reboot the system under Windows NT and Windows 2000, the machine does not reboot. 'CAUSE In order to programmatically reboot a Windows NT or Windows 2000 system, the process requires the SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME privilege. B ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Absolutely Fastest, Smallest  Code to Shutdown a Windows NT/2000/XP ComputerAbsolutely Fastest, Smallest Code to Shutdown a Windows NT/2000/XP ComputerVB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
Ion Alex Ionescu (from psc cd)
3189 since
2/6/2015 9:00:00 PM

By 7 Users

       This code instantly shuts down any NT-based OS, ie Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Longhorn, etc. (Not 95/98/Me). I know there's a lot of code on the site that does this, but remember that on NT, things get harder because your process needs ...(description truncated)
  Activate App with HookingActivate App with HookingVB 5.0, VB 6.0Advanced /
Alexandre Moro (from psc cd)
1865 since
1/5/2015 3:36:00 AM

By 8 Users

       Demonstrates how you can minimize your app to the system tray and reactivates it by double clicking on its registered file type in Windows Explorer, without leaving the second instance running. Covers three techniques: 1-Hooking; 2-Registry functions; ...(description truncated)
  Activate ScreenSaverActivate ScreenSaverVB 5.0, VB 6.0Intermediate /
Mike Breault (from psc cd)
1408 since
1/15/2015 7:08:00 PM

By 2 Users

       This will activate your current screensaver, but if screensaver is password protected it doesn't display that, trying to figure that out right now.

Search Results: Page 5 of 76 found. Entries 41 - 50 of 751 found
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