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  Auto Complete ComboAuto Complete ComboVB 6.0Intermediate /
Vasilis Ioannidis (from psc cd)
2297 since
1/23/2015 4:46:00 AM

By 5 Users

       It's sole purpose is to autocomplete-enable a combo box with as few coding as possible. Uses windows messaging sub-system to send directly a message to to the window's windows procedure. It's not mine but I thought it was great and wanted to share it with ...(description truncated)
  Auto ResizerAuto ResizerVB 3.0, VB 4.0 (16-bit), VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
MidTerror (from psc cd)
3150 since
1/4/2015 12:39:00 PM

By 10 Users

       I was sick and tired of seeing all the control resizers in planetsource, so i just made this myself and wanted to post it, cause someone might actually find it useful. All it does is when the form is resized, it changes all the controls (command buttons, ...(description truncated)
  Auto-complete comboboxAuto-complete comboboxVB 5.0, VB 6.0Intermediate /
SteveyB (from psc cd)
2511 since
1/21/2015 4:51:00 AM

By 17 Users

       The following code adds the autocomplete functionality to the standard combo box. The user can either type into the combobox, which automatically selects an item matching the users keypresses, or they can simply select an item in the standard fashion.
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  AutoCompleteTextAutoCompleteTextVB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
Deepak Kumar Shaw (from psc cd)
2214 since
1/28/2015 10:41:00 AM

By 3 Users

       This is a very simple demonstration of the beginner VB programmer to show how they can improve there projects and give a professional touch to implement the ideas of auto-text. As IE address bar. This Sample also shows how to work with windows API's. I ho ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Automated Accelerator Key AssignmentAutomated Accelerator Key AssignmentVB 6.0Advanced /
ULLI (from psc cd)
2072 since
1/31/2015 7:55:00 AM

By 18 Users

       This Add-In analyses all (or selected) controls in a form and assigns or generates the necessary accelerator hotkeys, ie those keys that you press together with the Alt-key to access a control (the underlined characters which are preceeded by an ampersand ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
Sparq (from psc cd)
7831 since
1/8/2015 2:18:00 PM

By 8 Users

       You know when your printer gets all messed up and the MessageBox Pops up and says "PRINTER ERROR - WILL RETRY IN 5 SECONDS". Well if your printer becomes ready before you click anything on the message box, the box disappears... ? This is how it's done!!
  Automatically Load and Save ListBox contentsAutomatically Load and Save ListBox contentsVB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
Mark Gillespie (from psc cd)
1678 since
1/15/2015 3:06:00 PM

By 5 Users

       Allows users to add and remove listbox items, all listbox contents are stored in a INI file and reloaded automatically the next time the app is run.
  Auto-Resize ColumnHeaders in a ListView objectAuto-Resize ColumnHeaders in a ListView objectVB 6.0Beginner /
Roni Tovi (from psc cd)
2212 since
2/12/2015 1:11:00 AM

By 2 Users

       This function auto sets size of ColumnHeaders according the record's length.
  Auto-Scrolling Text Box - 1 Line of codeAuto-Scrolling Text Box - 1 Line of codeVB 3.0, VB 4.0 (16-bit), VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
ChoCho (from psc cd)
1975 since
1/16/2015 11:59:00 PM

By 6 Users

       This code keep the a simple text box scrolled to the bottom as text is added. Simpler code than the code uploaded previously. Just replace Text1 with the name of your text box and put this code right after the code you have to add text to the text box. Se ...(description truncated)
  Auto-Scrolling TextBoxAuto-Scrolling TextBoxVB 4.0 (16-bit), VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
Alexander Chia (from psc cd)
3602 since
1/3/2015 10:31:00 AM

By 20 Users

       A few lines of useful code to make a text box auto scroll to the bottom every time it changes. (like mIRC and msn) Simply replace Text1 with the name of your textbox. By Alex. (

Search Results: Page 5 of 38 found. Entries 41 - 50 of 370 found
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