'Ask a Visual Basic Pro' Intro

We thank the pros and other contributors to these boards who give so generously of their time to answer an incredible volume of  questions.  We ask that you thank them too, by observing the following rules to make their lives easier:

  1. Before posting a question, do a search on your topic on the million+ line source code database of Planet Source Code. Most of the time this is all you need to do to instantly find an answer!
  2. If you can't find an answer in the source code database, then please help out the pros by first doing a search for your topic in the Ask A Pro archives.  Chances are someone has already asked your question and this will give put the answer right at your fingertips.
  3. If you still haven't found an answer, then you can post a question on the discussion board, using the button below.  Before you do, though, please help out the Pros in this forum by reading the rest of this instruction sheet first.  They will thank you for it!

After you have posted a question here... If you do get a response, it is important to reply to that response to let the 'Pro' who answered your question know if the answer they gave was appropriate, if not they may have a better one! If you don't get a response there are many reasons why this may occur. Perhaps your question was not clear enough. Perhaps there is no answer to the question posed. Maybe the person with the answer has not logged on for a while etc. etc.