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Delphi is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) that allows programmer to create Windows programs very quickly and easily. It was created by Borland in 1993 and is a descendant of the popular Turbo Pascal.

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Delphi Projects Analyser
When you want a print-out for your Delphi project you can make an analysis of your project with this program. The .DPR and .DFM files are getting a header. With the .PAS file you can make two Reference lists. The first type is a .PRC file, that is a list with max. 1500 Procedures and Functions with their positions in the file, so when you want a print-out you can easely find a specific Procedure, Function, Constructor or Destructor. The other type is a .REF file, same as above but completed with a reference list of max. 5000 indentifiers.