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What is .Net?

.NET is Microsoft's set of unified programming languages that allow developers to create enterprise-class Web and desktop applications across C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and C++.NET. It includes a powerful set of libraries called the .NET Framework that makes it easier and faster to program than ever before.

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Winners for code submitted February 2015 as chosen  by your votes!

Last month's submissions are in the process of being tallied and reviewed, and the winners will be announced shortly!

In the meantime, here are previous month's winners

Exception Management
Starting with ToolTips, the ErrorProvider and the HelpProvider, this includes a beginner's guide on how to Debug errors and work with the Exception Object. It also covers BreakPoint, TracePoints and Listeners, the EventLog and Viewer, Monitoring Performance and the FileSystemWatcher. All in an easy step-by-step tutorial format.
Upgrade Some examples of closing form
SOME EXAMPLES OF CLOSING FORM Program is an upgrade of a previous version . Now contains 11 ways of closing form.