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For code submitted May 2020
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Text to Html
TextToHtml converts a text file into a html file. You can specify the fontname and fontsize on the commandline. Every paragraph in the textfile will be wrapped into

tags. The html doc contains a css style so the formatting can easily be changed. Written in VS 2017 CE, but any C++ capable compiler should do.

For code submitted September 2017
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock game
Variation of the famous Paper Scissor Rock game. Has two more options - Lizard and Spock. Needs a modern C++11 compiler like Visual Studio 2015
For code submitted September 2016
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Some function to read and write text from from files - uses ifstream and ofstream. Written in VS 2008 but should work with any C++98 compiler.