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For code submitted March 2009
Contest Winners and Superior Code

P2P Filesharing
Share mp3 and ogg Files Client-Server. A mp3- ogg-Player is integrated......
For code submitted November 2008
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Pagination Using AJAX
To achieve Pagination in Web Applications in very simpler...........
For code submitted October 2008
Contest Winners and Superior Code

InfoFind Web Tools
InfoFind Web Tools is for web page designers and developers and it is completely free to use......
For code submitted July 2008
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Result Intemation System
Result Intemation System develop for collage student in which................
For code submitted March 2008
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Oracle database connectivity
simple and effective program for connecting oracle with......
For code submitted January 2008
Contest Winners and Superior Code

An 100 Year Calender(with better GUI)
One can get an overview of Selected Month & Year. with leap year details....
Pleah's All in One Form Validation
Validates all form elements in one function
For code submitted November 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Ajax-Powered AutoComplete v 1.0.1. (for Prototype.js)
The AutoComplete class adds a popdown menu of suggested values to a text field...........
For code submitted July 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Apply Wave effect to Text using Javascript
it will apply Wave effect to Text
For code submitted June 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Elevator Simulation System
The ESS application is developed using a component-based development approach........
For code submitted May 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Digital Clock with Properties
This program is an applet.It is a DigitalClock program with some properties merged in it....
GZipper is a zipping/unzipping program written in works on jdk1.3 and above.....
For code submitted March 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Best and Simplest Ray tracing in Java Part-II
[Best and Simplest Ray tracing in Java Part-II] This is my Second release of ray tracing and this tutorial focus on ray plane intersection.Again different approch are used starting...
Mobile Phone Anti-Virus
This is an Experimental Anti-Virus Software for Mobile Phones that i made using J2ME...
For code submitted February 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

hi guys its j2me based game a mobile version of minesweeper and is quite good looking...
Student Information System: SiS
It will give you the big understanding about Servlets/JSP and interaction with Database. It will also help you about the session management on server side...
For code submitted January 2007
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Ray Tracing Basics from begining to Advance
[Best and Simplest Ray tracing in Java] I have made enormous search on internet to learn about Ray Tracing but no effort but with the Articel searched and formuale...
For code submitted December 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Java Applet Animation
Moving Animated Applet
For code submitted November 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

J2ME Shoping Cart Website for Mobile Devices
The shoping website implemented shoping cart with Session and Database MS Access User first logins to shoping website then browser product catagories and...
Magical Plasma and Plasma Text Effect
Amazing Plasma Effect and Plasma text effect. you have seen the plasma effect but not the plasma text effect.Shows you...
For code submitted October 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

help beigners to understand inheritance
For code submitted September 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Age Details (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months) in Javascript
This program will help u understand the concept of calculating Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months of a particular AGE.
Window Operations
Shutdown, Restart and Logoff Windows2000/XP and can use shortcut for the operations.
For code submitted August 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Developing Wireless Applications
The article is a GREAT, EASILY UNDERSTOOD introduction to wirelss apps for even the beginner java programmer...
Graphical Payroll
My purpose do developed this programmed is to enhance my JAVA programming Skills and helped Java beginners to enhanced there JAVA Skills...
For code submitted July 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Desktop Scanner v1.1
This is the simple code which can capture screenshots of your desktop and save it to JPEG file.You can also select to change the resolution of your output file.
Ini Reader, Writer, and More [Updated]
[REUPLOADED ON NEW ACCOUNT - OLD EMAIL EXPIRED] This class will allow you to read and write settings from/to ini files...
For code submitted June 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Application to implement a Banking system that has the following details for a current account customer:
Graphical Inventory
My purpose do developed this programmed is to enhance my JAVA programming and helped Java beginners like me to make a Graphical Program...
For code submitted May 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Adds more graphical tabs to your web pages to make your web...
For code submitted March 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Graphical Library System
Horizontal Image Scroller
To scroll the images. image can support add on link... cool script visit
For code submitted January 2006
Contest Winners and Superior Code

An [Advance JavaScript - Status bar effects]
In this article we are going to see the ways to add different effects at the status bar of a web browser.
Cool Javascript Popup Date Picker
This Javascript DatePicker was created to overcome few problems with the existing calendars available in the internet...
For code submitted December 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Friendly JavaScript Tutorial
[By_ Shahin Noursalehi Contact:] Friendly JavaScript Tutorial...
JS Window Tab (V1)
This GUI look likes the feature in Opera browser, child windows display in separate tab. Each page still exists until user close it. Please vote if you like it. !!
For code submitted September 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Chetan's Message Changer
Chetan's Message Changer is a website enhance tool...
Screen capture
Capturing Screen of different clients from server machine.
For code submitted June 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Minesweeper in java
This is a Minesweeper game, similar to that of microsofts version.
XP Nav Menu v1.1
Replicates the office xp menu in pure javascript...
For code submitted May 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

iReport for Java
(Works with Swing)*Create,View & Print. 100% Database independent, you can use it with any application, yes it can show your reports too, just try this, useful for any database oriented application.
Steganograph 2.0.0 with J2ME Mobile version
Steganograph 2.0.0 is back with a Mobile version which can be installed on any JAVA enabled Mobile phone OR can be run as a stand alone application as well...
Understanding Polymorphism
This tutorial is meant to cover the bare basics of polymorphism.
XP Explorer Navigation
This makes a menu like the XP Menu's you see in explorer. It works on all browsers and seems to be cross platform as well, enjoy.
For code submitted April 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Display a Greeting Message on Mobile Phones
This application shows how to display a greeting message on Small Computing Device like Mobile phones, Palm OS...
IRIS Wysiwyg HTML Editor - WITH SAVE and OPEN
IRIS is a javascript based WYSIWYG html editor. It supports all of the HTML your browser does and can edit all of it...
For code submitted March 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A complete guide to Java Script
A guide to Java Script
MyJMp3 Player (Codes)
Java Mp3 Player
XtremePC 2.0 - Remotely Control Your PC From Anywhere in the World
I have just given release of XtremePC version 2.0 with source code...
For code submitted February 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Parsing CSV File Routine
If any of you already know, parsing a CSV file is a pain in the !@#*! However, some people love to export their data via this format..
Table cells, bgColor changer and font color changer
This script can change the table cells color on event handling also changing bgcolor by input value, and font color changing by input form feild etc.
For code submitted January 2005
Contest Winners and Superior Code

This networking program set consists of implementation of FTP, TELNET, HTTP SERVER, UDP NEWS SERVER, Multi client parallel chat server, Date server...
Networking Programs
These Are Some Of The Programs Based On Networking In JAVA...
For code submitted November 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Sword of Lycenadoria
Testing out trigger-based functions in a nice little fighting game system...
WebDDM [Web Drop Down Menu]
It creates customizable drop down navigational menus for websites...
For code submitted October 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Inventory/DSN LESS DB
We are developing a supply chain system here is a smal peace of example and invnetory database it will calcualte holding cost(carrying Cost) ...
This program deal with university database,it has many function! ...
For code submitted September 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Simple Javascript Shopping System
This is a simple javascript based, shopping system... Uses Cookies, XML...
Snookey - The JS game
Have a look at this nice game. Now it has 25 levels and a couple of differend field types. It also supports an English and German interface.
For code submitted August 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

jValX is an easy way to simplify your client-side form validation, and is all XHTML 1.0 STRICT markup...
Priore DHTML Popup Calendar
With this Javascript + DHTML source code for IE 5.x able to show a popup calendar to select one date in your web pages.
For code submitted July 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

AA2 FX Menu 3.0.4
FX Menu is a versatile cross-browser navigation menu.
Learning JavaScript Basics
Tutorial that will get you quickly programming in JavaScript with helpful code samples and many programs to aid you along the way.
For code submitted June 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Generates html forms dynamically from xml description files
For code submitted May 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

JavaScript Spreadsheet Program
This single web page uses a cookies module and a search and replace module, all written by me, to produce a fully functional Spreadsheet Program.
Lewies Color Picker
Let your users choose a color through a rich user interface. This color picker looks simular to Adobe Photoshop.
For code submitted April 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

CoolMints' ToolTips
It is compact, cross-browser compatible, and lighting fast to implement and to change...
For code submitted March 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Expanding and contracting HTML using JavaScript
Using JavaScript, you can very easily make content expand and contact, like with a folding tree. I'll show you how.
For code submitted February 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

html editor
Its a full program html editor - designed with novices in mind.
For code submitted January 2004
Contest Winners and Superior Code

The Story Of Resurrection
Explains the concepts of Garbage Collection and object resurrection in java.
For code submitted December 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Complete BankSystem Program
You can add Customer, Deposit & Withdraw Money, Delete & Search Customer, Printing Option is also available to Print Customer Balance Report, Help Included to guide the Users of BankSystem.
For code submitted November 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Handy XP Style Menu
This is a pretty menu in XP Style. Easy to setup, higly customizable.
For code submitted October 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Best Tree Menu (Framed edition)
This is a simple tree menu, easy to setup, clear and cross-browser compatible. This version comes with a sample using frames, responding to a great amount of readers solicitations.
For code submitted September 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Creating resizable, editable tables (think excel via javascript)
A sample that shows how to create an "excel-like" table. Take a look! I'm sure that you can think of some interesting things to do with this.
How to Get Rid of GeoCities Ads
This article shows you how to Remove Geocities Ads in one line.
For code submitted August 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

New Way to get rid of Angelfire Ads
Gets rid of angelfire's footer ads in addition to their pop ups/etc
For code submitted July 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

ezEdit 1.0 (HTML WYSIWYG Editor)
ezEdit v1.0 is a WYSIWYG HTML Editor completely based on JavaScript, DHTML and IE functions. It is built upon the WYSIWYG PageCreate HTML Editor from PSC.
For code submitted June 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

VBScript's DateSerial Function
DateSerial is a function that is supplied in VBScript, and Javascript doesn't have a function like this, so I created a function to work in Javascript to do the same as the VBScript function does.
For code submitted May 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

XpMenu v2.1
Mimics An Office Xp Menu. Fixed gaps within selected menu borders, and added shadow and fade-in effects on IE browsers.
For code submitted April 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Cross-Browser Rich-Text Editor
I've written a cross-browser rich-text editor implementing the new Midas API included with Mozilla 1.3.
For code submitted March 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Complete Java GUI Tutorial - Beginner to Expert!
Packed with OVER 25 FULLY COMMENTED CODE EXAMPLES this tutorial teaches you everything from how to make a button to advanced event handling. It assumes NO PREVIOUS JAVA KNOWLEDGE!
For code submitted January 2003
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Advanced Popup Calendar
This popup calendar can be linked to a form text field. The user can click on an icon of a desk calendar and use a popup window to select a date.
JAVA Notepad 2.0
Notepad is a program which is an implementation of the most known Notepad application in Java™ language.
For code submitted December 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Chat Program
A simple Chat application.
Hide all or part of your page when printing
Allows you to hide all or part of your page when it is printed or previewed. This script is very usefull for hiding navigation menus and other controls, for a cleaner printout.
For code submitted November 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Basic Game
This is a tutorial for anyone who wants to start learning how to program games in Java.
J2ME Text Save
Example of Record Management System (RMS) Text Save MIDlet which saves type text message, pause text message (type mesaage) and aslso delete text message (type message).
For code submitted October 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

COOL XP Style Menu Bar! New: 1.You can control a lot thing, just see. 2.Deal with different browser, shouldn't crash on NS4 now.
PageCreator - WYSIWYG HTML Editor with XP STYLE, made in PuRe JaVaScRiPt
PageCreator is an XP style, online WYSIWYG HTML Editor made completely in JavaScript and HTML, no Java or ActiveX.
For code submitted September 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A ( part1 ) Powerful Java Swing & JDBC Code for Application Development
This will be very helpful for Application Development Programmers, in fact as u know u can call java applets and java programs from PHP So this could be a great advantage free source code.
Dynamic Popup Windows / supports OOP
VSWindow 1.0 Allows you to create inner popup windows. Speacial Features: Object Oriented Programming Scriptable Easy Custom: colors, shapes... Dragable
Simple Java Notepad
A simple notepad that supports files openings, creations, and savings. It also support Select All/Cut/Copy/Paste operations. Another operations supported are word count and find/replace operations.
For code submitted August 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

The applet reads data from a text file to show upcoming events and other different info. This can be used as a news scroller or whatever else you can think of.
J2ME Contacts for Mobile's, PDA & other Devices
Mobile phones enable you to enter a list of phone numbers that you commonly use, along with the name of the person associated with the number.
For code submitted July 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Cross Fading News Ticker
A new approach to displaying a news ticker. This script will smoothly fade one news headline in to another. Works on IE,NS4&NS6
For code submitted June 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A faculty book system
tThis is a simple program which make use of JTable, MDI, text file, array, etc...
Bhushan3DCubE is most interesting part of 3D animation Move your mouse cursor over the cube and its rotation will roughly follow the movement of the mouse.
Flag Applet
Flag Applet
JavaScript PONG
Pure Javascript pong game... The code dynamically adjust for slower computers, and also dynamically adjusts the computer skill.
For code submitted May 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

JEditor v1.5 (updated)
JEditor 1.5 is a pure java editor(MDI).JEditor does provide some advanced features: open, save, save as,compile and run java source code. this version supports undo edits using stacks.
Multi client chat server
Hey guys enjoy multi client chat server..and wish u find me online!
For code submitted April 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

This is the full collection of 7 articles on how to create game applets. It contains everything about applets.
News Ticker Version 1.0.1
This is a news ticker applet. It takes input parameters from the HTML source and displays short text messages formated by the input parameters.
Window Close Without Alert Message
Close the Window (Main) without any confirmation message. No need to open a new full screen Window or new popup Window.
For code submitted March 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Access Database Manipulation via JDBC (for Microsoft Access)
A compete tutorial on how to connect to a Microsoft Access database using JDBC!
Library System
A great sample application...Library System is a total app that shows you how to use data structures to store the book records and member records.
A nice example of a navigational java applet menu that can be placed on a website.
For code submitted February 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Popup Colour Selector
Displays a popup colour selector on your web page. Allows the users to select a colour from the grid and then have the hexadecimal value placed into a text box.
Registration form
This is a simple java applet which registers a new user. You can use the code for your own use and fun.
Temperature Converter
This is just a simple java applet that will convert Degrees Fahrenheit to Degrees Celesius. Very simple and can be modified to convert back.
For code submitted December 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Button Menu
This applet can be used as a navigation menu with-in a frameset.
Phat Button v1.0
This button is made strictly by code, no images needed, it has onmouse/onmouseout events to get that roll over effect, it changes cursor to the hand, and much more.
Using Parameters
This is a simple java applet that shows how to get parameters from the html file and use them inside java.
For code submitted November 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Picture sEaRcH Machine
This is an complete site search engine generator written entirely in javascript.
For code submitted October 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

overLIB is a JavaScript library created to enhance websites with small popup information boxes (tooltips) to help visitors around your website.
Quoting in Perl without having to escape charectors
Allows strings to be used without having to escape the quotation symbols
For code submitted September 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

This app paints a chart on a JPanel
sEaRcH Machine
Allows visitors to search within your site.
For code submitted July 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Password Uncrackable
The script is for websites which host your website like tripod. That script is uncrack able.
For code submitted June 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

No Refresh, No Right Click, No Backspace, etc.
To disable the right click, the backspace (for navigation purposes), and the refresh.
PunkEdit 2.0
The only java app on this site to support multiple files opened at the same time.
TableGraph v1.0
TableGraph will draw your graphs in an instant using nothing but plain old HTML-tables combined with JavaScript.
For code submitted May 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

How to read Excel in java
This article shows a simple ways of accessing spread sheets (such as microsoft excel) in java
For code submitted April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Clock Applet
the code displays the clock showing the time in seconds,min,and hours
Javascript RPG
This code demonstrates a very basic javascript rpg game.
For code submitted March 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Basic Cross-Frame Javascript Tutorial
Script extended events on multiframed websites quickly and easily with this great tutorial!
The Slip and Slide Menu
A cool Javascript addition to any web site's navigation!
Web Listbar
Slick code lets you organize your support content, by mimicing the common Listbars that you will find in other Desktop application languages like VB.
For code submitted February 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Database Application
Generates a simple user Interface to a Database(employee.mdb)using java swing components, including Buttons, Tabbed Panes and Label Fields, as well as regular AWT components.
Exit Popups
Javascript that shows you how to create Exit Popup banners.
Internet Connection Speed Tester
This program tests the speed of your internet connection by downloading an animated GIF picture and mesuring the time it takes!
For code submitted January 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Create Drop Down Menu's on Click
Create your own dynamic Javascript Drop downs with this cool code!
Java Pie Chart
The name says it all--creates a pie chart. A useful example.
Java Simple/Scientific Calculator
A full-fledged scientific calculator--good to learn from and handy to use!
Javascript Puzzle
Create a sliding image puzzle using javascript.
Play the classic game Monopoly on your computer with this great rendition of the original!
Simple Client Side 3D/2D Html Menu Bars
Create professional looking menus on your web pages with just 2 lines of java script code! Very customizable and a great example!
Stop JavaScript Errors
This simple trick will limit all Javascript errors.
For code submitted December 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A simple text editor. Requires swing.
realMenu v1.27
realMenu replaces the standard context menu (right-click menu) on a webpage with your own custom one.
For code submitted November 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Catch up on Dilber and learn how to extract information/images from a webpage and email them to users on a list. Cool!
Vertical Slide Menu
Creates cool looking slide menus. Just click on any menubutton on the left and the submenus will slide out. Click again to close.
For code submitted October 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Simple calculator, with memeory function, and also on and off buttons!
Loads an animation file (.LCD or VMI/VMS pair) created with the DREAM ANIMATOR and, and displays it in mini or normal size.
Lottery Number Picker with Animated Graphics
Randomly selects 6 numbers for a lottery game - uses animated garphics for a more 'realistic' effect!
For code submitted September 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Java Addition to Default Environment
Adds a slew of must have classes to the core JDK. Check it out!
Java Cd Player
Create your own CD player using J++!
Java Linked list
Learn how to create a doubly linked, sorted list in Java.
Java Scrolling Banner Applet
A simple app that teaches you the basics of creating a scrolling banner.
JavaScript Context Sensitive Menu
Add context sensitive menus to your web page with this script!
JavaScript Shopping Cart
Add a shopping cart to your e-commerce site!
Messeir Database
Check out this deep sky objects Messeir database!
For code submitted August 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Javascript Functions Library
Over 38+ functions in Javascript including Len, Asc, Chr, Trim, LTrim, RTrim, Replace, strConv, Left, Right and much much more! Cross Browser Compatible too!
Sockets and You
Have you ever wanted to create a chat program in Java? Well now you can with this tutorial!
For code submitted July 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

This creative code converts image files to HTML plain text
Extend the power of Java
Well done tutorial on the Java extends keyword. Check it out!
Java Bar Code Generator
Need to generate bar codes? This code will do it for you!
Java Chat Program
A simple chat server and client. Cool!
Java File Handler
The class contains Static methods that allow the class user to work with a file. save, read, save as and open file dialog and some other methods.
Java Menu Builder
Can you really create fully working menus with only 2 lines of code? With this source, you can!
Javascript Dynamic Calendar
Use this code to create a custom calendar control for your web pages!
Javascript Smiley OS
Start menu look-alike web page. Requires IE4.0+
Javascript Thumbz up Announcemnt Box
Create an awesome looking popup with this great code!
Awesome looking Java splash screen!
For code submitted June 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Debugging Client Side Javascript Using Visual interdev
Don't code in the dark! This article shows you how to step through your code one line at a time and test the variable values.
Double Buffer
Learn how to use off screen graphics for smoother animation!
Dynamic Database Code
Builds an interactive product price calculator from a database. Uses Server-side VBScript and Client-side JavaScript.
Professional Dynamic DropDown Menu
This cool code will create a powerfull dropdown menu using Dynamic HTML combined with JavaScript, with great effect and colors with no loading time...
For code submitted May 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Change Image Sizes Based on Resolution
This code shows you how to make images smaller for people who have smaller resolutions! Cool!
Complete, general form validation
This script shows how to do checking for non-entries, image swaping to indicate invalid entries, focusing on invalid fields, and feedback to the user through an alert box. Wow!
Database Access and Permissions
This lesson converts the application, applet, and servlet examples from Lesson 6 to write to and read from a database using JDBCTM.
For code submitted April 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Disintegrate on load and unload
Create a nice affect using javascript! Check it out!
Flying Status Bar Message
Makes the letters in the status bar fly from left to right!
HTML Generator
A full-fledged HTML editor written completely in JavaScript! Creative and cool!
Nokia Snake Game
Creative game! Includes level selection and high score tracking!
Protect your source!
Hides menu bar and tool bar from the browser to Protect your code and images on web pages, plus it prevents right clicking!
Right Click Menu
Convert IE's right click menu into your own customized menu! Awesome!
For code submitted March 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Address Book Database
Beginning Java? This code takes you through the ins and outs of databases!
For code submitted February 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A fully functional notepad application! Very cool!
Text Box Jump
This script will allow you to jump from one text box to the next when a desired length is reached.
For code submitted January 2000
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Blinking colored text
Applet that displays blinking text in multiple colors!
Color Cycle Picture
This shows how to cycle different colors behind any text logo and scroll a message at the same time! A great effect!
Hide a script from being viewed!
You can't hide a script completely from the browser, but this code makes it alot more difficult!
Picture Zoom
This code allows you to zoom in or out from a picture!
Scrolling Images and Text
Cool Java Applet that displays scrolling images and text!
For code submitted December 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Catch Right Mouse click on webpage
Yes you can capture the right mouse click on a web page. This handy snippet shows how!
Splash Screen
Cool code shows how to code a splash screen using swing.
For code submitted October 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A Status Bar Scroller
The 'hello world' of Java-script programs!
Convert IP into hostname
You can convert ip addresses into host names using this script!
Login Capture
capture a login name and password in a popup window.
For code submitted September 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Change image in another frame using mouseover
Change an image in another frame when the user moves their mouse over it
Digital clock
A clock written totally in javascript!
Java animated banner
Spice up your web page with this funky banner
For code submitted August 1999
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Force Browser To Reload Page From Server
An invaluable utility function!
Password protect a page
A simple way to protect a page.
Send Email from An Applet
Yes it can be done! Send email from an applet!