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For code submitted May 2020
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fastbox 2
A rewrite of fastbox from scratch which is a Combo and ListBox combined in one class, drawn with a nice GUI and built in user comfort. Editable, load and save, simple insert and add, string list support plus lots more. Added lookup and sort. Dependencies: None
For code submitted February 2020
Contest Winners and Superior Code

SnipAssist is an independent text snippet manager. It will work with any editor, IDE, or word processor. It is intended for large libraries. Each snip can be any size and have a description that is any size. Snips are easy to make and easy to use. The name, description, and body can be searched. A descriptive catalog of all snips can be produced.There is a simple template system built in. Snips can also be encrypted. This is a general purpose text tool. It has been used for a code library. It has also been used for a help desk. It makes a good document assembly helper.
For code submitted June 2019
Contest Winners and Superior Code

C# Cut and Paste controls at runtime
This small code shows how to cut and paste controls at runtime. For this example, I'm using textboxes and the data they contain, including all its properties. I made this when I needed the ability to move textboxes from one panel to a different one for a client's application.
DM Recent Viewer v1.0
This is a add on I made for windows to view recent items in a more easy way, you can delete any recent shortcut, open the shortcut target, Broswe to the target path, you can also do a serach in google on a target filename. and more hope you like it. Please vote
For code submitted May 2019
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Audio Player 0.5
Audio Player - plays mp3 files. This is an update to the previous version. Drag and drop support, window position save/load support, context menu support, bug fixes, etc.
Backup Folder v1.0
This is a folder backup program I been working on today to backup my project files. I hope to make this in to a full backup program soon. it shows the total progress of files been copyed and also a propgress state for the main file copy. anyway try it out hope you like it please vote.
INIFile Class 2.0
Hi, This is a class for reading INI files that you may use for config settings for your app or other storage data, it can read strings, selections , selection keys, read Bools and Ints and can also read and write base 64 strings anyway hope you find it usfull Please vote.
Mbps 2 mb
Just a simple project to show how to convert mpbs to megabyte per second. good if you want to see what your internet download speed is. Please vote.
QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator Created with ASP.NET C# Language, You can customize the code based on you needed
For code submitted January 2019
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Music player
Complete basic application to play music from files and folders
For code submitted July 2017
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Extendable Trial Application v 1.0 - By P. G. B. Prasanna
Extendable Trial Application is a sample application, which can be easily integrated with your own application to extend the usage of it on customer subscription-basis. You can easily give your application (with a time restriction based on month and year you like) to your customer with a Key Code generated by you. Once the given period is over, the application will expire at customer. In order to extend the period, you can again give another Key Code to your customer. Using this approach you can easily manage your subscription-based application.
Special folders viewer
Shows the names of the Special folders in a ListBox and the physical path in a LinkLabel. Opens the folder in Windows Explorer on a mouse click. Written in Visual C# 2010
For code submitted March 2017
Contest Winners and Superior Code

DM CSS HTML, JS TestIT editor
This is for testing HTML CSS and Javascript, Each one has there own little editor window and a final preview. you can also load and save your samples. HTML editor on right click has many HTML formating functions all the ones precent in the menu work.
DM Text Link Styler
Small project to allow you to make your own CSS styled class for hyperlinks such as colors and underlines.
DM Text Link Styler
Small project to allow you to make your own CSS styled class for hyperlinks such as colors and underlines.
Simple demo how to generate MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 hash codes. Written in Visual C# 2010 Express.
For code submitted June 2016
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Add Frame To Photo
software written in vb 2008 express edition, add frame to photo\picture, load jpg, bmp, png pictures, save merged(image+ frame) graphics in jpg, chose given frame or load own (gif or png file with transparency), source and executable