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say what?... Jesus trying to upload stuff seems to be impossible... I had to upload 1 Project twice now, As I logged in today to see if the 1 that I uploaded yesterday was available yet, and it was nowhere to be seen so I re-uploaded it, It says that I have no previous Projects uploaded, I know I had Projects uploaded in the past, I guess that Data dump took them, Well I'll have to see if I can re-find any of them an re-post them along with ones I am working on too,,,

I said long ago that I would always consider myself as a beginner no-matter how long I have been using or working with VB6 " 6.0", As I know there will always be more to learn,
Yes I took .NET but I seriously believe VB6 is by far a better & better Platform,,, OK I am old school...
In late 2013 I was diagnosed with the worst form / kind of MS going....